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The Primacoustic Australis is an effective studio bass trap designed to control low frequency energy and help reduce modal distortion in studios.

The Australis measures a full 12" x 36" and is made from a solid block of high-density 1.7 lb open-cell acoustic foam. The large size and high density combine to deliver optimal absorption in the all important bass region.

The Australis works by trapping the random omni-directional bass energy that tends to cluster in corners and overwhelm the room. Quarter-wavelength calculations prove that Australis is particularly effective for studios that have modal problems in the 75Hz to 200Hz range. Once in place, it has the positive effect of reducing smear, giving bass more definition and punch while allowing recordings to translate better to other rooms.

The attractive wedge design allows easy placement in corners using the supplied impalers. For even greater bass absorption, Australis can be stacked, grouped to form a wall cluster, or placed edge-to-edge at the wall and ceiling seam. And as with all Primacoustic foam products, Australis employs a fire retardant to meet California 117 code. This makes the Australis an excellent choice for use in home studios, home theatre and music practice rooms.
  • Solid block of high density open cell foam for maximum absorption
  • Flexible wedge design is easy to mount in and corner
  • Effective from 75hz and up throughout the audio bandwidth
  • Helps control room modes and tightens bass response
  • Ideal for small rooms where modes are problematic
  • Specifications
  • Material: High density open-cell acoustic Primafoam
  • Dimensions: 36" (914mm) x 12" (305mm) x 12" (305mm)
  • Color: Charcoal
  • QTY: Includes two Australis bass traps per order.
  • Order Number: Z810-1008-00
  • Mounting Hardware: Wall mounting impalers and drywall anchors included.
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