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Primacoustic Saturna LP Acoustic Hanging Baffle


Saturna LP is the Low Profile version of the Saturna Hanging Baffles. Pack of 2 baffles. Available in Black, Grey, Beige and Paintable White.

The Primacoustic Saturna is a high performance acoustic baffle designed for more demanding installations where added sound control and an attractive appearance are important.

The low profile 12"x48" (30 x 120 cm) Saturna LP is constructed from 1.5" (3.8cm) thick high-density 6lb glass wool panel's that are fully encapsulated with micromesh and bound with resin-hardened edges. Each panel is then covered in either Broadway™ acoustically transparent fabric or coated in Primacoustic's proprietary textured white paintable finish.

The full sized Saturna is ideal for large spaces with tall ceilings such as gymnasiums, convention centers, warehouses and industrial applications. The reduced height of the Saturna LP makes it suitable for rooms with lower ceilings such as community halls, meeting spaces, house of worship or any other space where ambient noise and intelligibility are of concern. Installing the baffles is easy using the integrated Corkscrew™ anchors and included SlipNot™ suspension cables. The results are immediately noticeable with less room chatter, shorter reverberation time and improved intelligibility. Because the Saturna is twice the density of most acoustic baffles, you will also enjoy greater low frequency absorption and a more natural sounding room.

The Saturna and Saturna LP have been tested to meet stringent fire ratings for use in public spaces worldwide, which makes them a great choice in any room where unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing baffles are desired. Available in black, grey or beige acoustic fabric, or in a paintable textured white finish. Each Saturna kit includes two panels, four preinstalled Corkscrew anchors, four SlipNot suspension cables, and T-anchors and eyehooks for installation on most ceilings.
  • High performance ceiling baffle
  • Effectively attenuates ambient noise
  • Balanced absorption down to 125Hz
  • Available in full sized and low-profile versions
  • Order Number: Saturna LP: Z848-1220-XX
  • Color: Black=00, Beige=03, Grey=08, Paintable=09
  • Size: Saturna LP: 12" x 48" (30cm x 122cm)
  • Thickness: 1.5" (3.81cm)
  • Surface Coverage: 18.5 sq-ft (1.72 sq-meters)
  • Core Material: Formed, semi rigid inorganic glass fibers
  • Density: 6.0 lbs. per cubic foot (96 kg/m3)
  • Fabric Facing: Acoustically transparent polyester tweed
  • Encapsulation: Micromesh on front and rear surface, resin treated edges
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