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Sorry, the product Primacoustic Z-Foam Anechoic Wedge Acoustic Foam 40"x12"x3" (single) is not available anymore on Studio Economik's website.

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Primacoustic Z-Foam introduces a new concept in anechoic wedge design by incorporating an innovative 'edge-frame' on every piece.

Primafoam combines exceptional performance with the best looking and easiest-to-install acoustic foam in the business. The variety of components ensures a look and functionality to suit any studio. Combine Z-Foam with Primafoam components to create custom designs.

This revolutionary concept makes installation much easier than with conventional foams and results in a much more professional look to the studio.

Made from high-density, open-cell acoustical foam, Z-Foam is 3" thick to provide effective mid and high frequency absorption (from 500Hz & up) and is embedded with a fire retardant to meet the strict California 117 code for worry-free, safe installation.

Available in a variety of sizes, Z-Foam is produced in a dark UV resistant charcoal color to reduce discoloration over time. It is ideally suited for control rooms, recording studios, on-air broadcast, post-production and rehearsal rooms where controlling the excessive reverberant field is required.
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