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Reference Grade USB Audio Interface with ADAT/SPDIF

Lyra represents the pinnacle of compact audio interfaces. Packing Prism Sounds trusted, uncompromising AD/DA conversion into a compact chassis perfect for use in the studio or on the road.

Based on the Orpheus' audio path and clock circuitry, Lyra is ideal for those who don't require a large I/O count, but do demand the highest quality and most transparent AD/DA available.

Lyra cuts no corners in its design and boasts the same trusted Prism Sound convertors used on countless hit records. It's ultra-transparent characteristic means what you put into the Lyra is exactly what you get out of it.

Featuring two class-A microphone preamps, Lyra 2 guarantees superbly clean, detailed recordings that capture a performance the way it was intended.

Lyra's analogue input channels include a switchable Prism Sound 'Overkiller' circuit. This soft-clip limiter gently absorbs transients and allows signal levels to be pushed to their limits without risk.

Prism Sound's reputation for audio excellence has been matched only by its top quality after-sales support and technical advice. The longevity of a Prism Sound product is a testament to the dedicated team behind it.

Lyra's hardware front panel gives continuous visual indication of the unit's main settings and levels, but in-depth control is managed from the Lyra control panel. This runs on the host computer, and can be brought into view whenever adjustments are needed.

The upper area of the control panel shows a panel of 'Global' settings for the entire group of connected interfaces and a panel of 'Unit' settings which is assignable to each connected unit in turn, using the enclosed drop-list. These settings are concerned with general parameters such as sync source and sample rate selection, metering and buffering modes. An 'Identify' button causes all the LEDs on the selected box to light, to assist with identification in multi-unit systems. To the right, there are large buttons for loading and saving setups, and for on-line help.
  • 2 A/D Analogue Input Channels
  • 4 D/A Analogue Line Output Channels
  • S/PDIF / ADAT Digital In/Out
  • AES3 Mode on RCA/Phono
  • Word-clock Sync I/O
  • Instrument Inputs : 2 x 6.3mm mono jack sockets, auto-select to analogue inputs 1 & 2 when plugged, software override
  • Headphone Output : 1 x 6.3mm stereo TRS Jack with illuminated volume control
  • Master volume : Assignable encoder / push switch with halo indication
  • Standby button : with standby indicator (also flashes when unit is in 'identify' mode)
  • Level Meters : 4 x multi-segment, multi-colour bargraphs with overload indication, 2 for analogue, 2 for digital, assignable to inputs or outputs, analogue outputs switchable 1/2 or 3/4.
  • Input selection : Indicate mode of analogue inputs as Mic / line / inst & plus phantom power indicator for mic mode
  • Overkiller : For analogue inputs, lit when Overkiller limiters are acting
  • Digital Input : indicators for digital input unlocked and SRC (sample-rate converter) selected
  • Digital Output : indicator for SRC (sample-rate converter) selected
  • Sync : Master indicator, lit when interface is in local sync

  • Mic inputs : 2 x XLR sockets
  • Line inputs : 2 x 6.3mm TRS jack sockets (balanced or unbalanced)
  • Line outputs 1-4 : 4 x 6.3mm TRS jack sockets (balanced or unbalanced)
  • Digital inputs : 1 x RCA
  • 1 x TOSLINK for S/PDIF or ADAT Optical input; (RCA can operate as AES3 input using XLR-RCA adapter supplied)
  • Digital output : 1 x RCA
  • 1 x TOSLINK for S/PDIF or ADAT Optical output; (RCA can operate as AES3 output using XLR-RCA adapter supplied)
  • Wordclock : 2 x BNC sockets, output and input (75)
  • USB port : 1 x USB type B receptacle
  • Network port : 1 x RJ45 AVB ethernet port
  • Mains power : 3-pin 6A IEC inlet

  • Mac OS Support : OS X 10.5 or later Intel platform
  • Windows OS Support : Windows Vista, 7, 8 or later (32 or 64 bit)
  • Mac audio driver : Core Audio device
  • Windows audio driver : ASIO device, WDM coming soon
  • Linux audio driver : Lyra is a UAC2 class compliant device - no driver needed on recent distros
  • Control Panel applet : Graphical user interface for control of Lyra unit under Mac OS X or Windows

  • CD with software and manuals x 1
  • IEC mains lead x 1
  • USB Lead type A to B x 1
  • XLR-F to RCA-M adaptor (S/PDIF/AES3) (Lyra 2 only) x 1
  • XLR-M to RCA-M adaptor (S/PDIF/AES3) (Lyra 2 only) x 1
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