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Audix D6
The Audix D6 provides huge kick drum sound with ground shaking low end while delivering exceptional clarity and attack. Designed, machined, assembled and tested by Audix in the USA, the D6 is a... View more
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Audix SCX25A-PS
The SCX25A-PS Piano Miking System is a professional studio condenser microphone with an elegant design and a patented capsule suspension system. Uniquely shockmounted within an intricate machined... View more
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Audix DP7
The Audix DP7 is a 7-piece Drum mic package. The D-series microphones each have a specifically tuned VLMTM capsule housed in a precision-machined lightweight aluminium body. The DP7 represents an... View more
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The Audix DP Quad is a 4 piece Drum mic package. When it comes to drum and percussion microphones, Audix is the industry leader. The DPQUAD pack consists of four microphones grouped together to mic a... View more
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Audix D4
The Audix D4 is a hypercardioid Dynamic Drum and Instrument Microphone for Instruments Requiring Additional Bass Response. With a wide frequency response of 40 Hz - 18 kHz and the ability to handle... View more
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Audix i5
The Audix i5 is a multi-purpose dynamic microphone with clear accurate sound. It's a dynamic instrument microphone used for stage, studio and broadcast applications. Designed with a cardioid pickup... View more


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Audix DP5A
The Audix DP5A Packs is a 5-piece Drum Mic Package for professional. Instrument-specific mics for optimal results. Equally great for live sound or recording. 5-piece Drum Mic Package. The DP5a, which... View more
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Audix Dvice
The Audix Dvice is a flexible mini-gooseneck with rim mounted drum clamp and shockmount ring. Spring loaded DVICE rim mount clip designed specifically for the MicroD and the Micros (12mm body). The... View more


Audix D2
The Audix D2 Dynamic Instrument microphone is perfect to use for rack tom, congas, floor tom or bass cabinet. Slight mid-bass boost. The D2 is used for stage, studio and broadcast applications. It is... View more


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Audix APS2
The Audix APS2, is a two channel phantom power supply with detachable power cord for microphones that require 48v.


Save 17.8%, MSRP $169.00
Audix ADX10FLP
The Audix ADX10FLP is a miniaturized condenser instrument microphone flute mic. Features a modular threaded capsule, machined brass body with matte black finish. The ADX10FLP is characterized with a... View more


Save 20.3%, MSRP $375.00
Audix OM7
The Audix OM7 designed for touring PA system. Low output gain stage designed to provide maximum gain before feedback in monitors. The OM7 is used by professional sound companies, front of house and... View more
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Save 13.5%, MSRP $399.00
Audix OM6
The Audix OM6 is characterized with a tight and uniformly controlled hypercardioid polar pattern which helps to isolate the vocals from the rest of the instruments on stage. The OM6 is a dynamic... View more
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Save 13.7%, MSRP $335.00
Audix APS911
The Audix APS911 is a AA Battery/Phantom Power Adapter - on/off switch and bass roll-off that works with same mics as APS-910. Optional phantom power adpater for use with electret condenser... View more


Save 18.8%, MSRP $85.00
The Audix FireBall is a ultra-small professional dynamic microphone. Clear, accurate and capable of handling sound pressure levels in excess of 140 dB without distortion. The FireBall is designed for... View more
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Save 20.1%, MSRP $249.00
Audix ADX20iP
The Audix ADX20iP is a miniature condenser Instrument microphone with a clip-on. Perfect for saxophone, trombone, trompet and Accordion. The ADX20iP is applicable for professional stage and studio... View more


Save 19.1%, MSRP $345.00
Audix OM11
The Audix OM11 is a dynamic lead vocal microphone with mid-range presence, great for rock, metal. The OM11 is characterized with a tight and uniformly controlled hypercardioid. Designed, machined,... View more
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Save 14.5%, MSRP $385.00
Audix OM2
All purpose vocal microphone. Durable zinc construction, steel mesh grill, slight mid-range boost for vocal presence. The OM2 is a dynamic vocal microphone used for a wide variety of live, home and... View more


Save 14.2%, MSRP $162.00
Audix FP7
The FP7 Drum Pack contains a combination of f2, f5 and f6 dynamic microphones and the f9 condenser for overheads. PRE-PACKAGED SETS OF HIGH QUALITY DRUM AND PERCUSSION MICROPHONES. Audix... View more
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Save 14%, MSRP $755.00
Audix A127
Omnidirectional metal film condenser microphone The A127 is an onmnidirectional metal film condenser microphone, designed to capture the most accurate and purest form of acoustic instruments and... View more
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Save 19.9%, MSRP $3279.00
Audix OM5
The Audix OM5 is a vocals, lead & backing, with very tight pattern control and tailored response to cut through the mix. The OM5 is made with an extremely tight and uniformly controlled hypercardioid... View more
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Save 14.5%, MSRP $275.00
Audix OM3S
The Audix OM3S is a dynamic microphone with a switch on/off on it. The OM3S is naturally attenuated in the lower mid-bass frequencies reduce boominess and handling noise. Audix's OM3S is used for a... View more


Save 14.8%, MSRP $229.00
Audix MicroD
The Audix MicroD Miniature condenser clip-on mic was designed for many applications including drums, percussion, amplified cabinets, speech, vocals and acoustic instruments. The MicroD is primarily a... View more
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Save 20.3%, MSRP $375.00
Audix OM3
The Audix OM3 is a multi-purpose dynamic vocal & instrument microphone. Very clear and accurate for mid-size to large PA systems. Audix's OM3 is used for a variety of live, studio and broadcast... View more


Save 14.4%, MSRP $209.00
Audix A231
Large diaphragm condenser vocal microphone The A231 is a large diaphragm condenser microphone built for the most discerning studio user. With its externally-biased ?true condenser? capsule and... View more
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Save 20%, MSRP $1249.00
Audix A150
Studio reference headphones The A150 is designed with one goal in mind: to reproduce music with accuracy throughout the full frequency range with a smooth, balanced linear response.. Featuring 50 mm... View more
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Save 13.8%, MSRP $405.00
Audix OM2S
The Audix OM2S is a dynamic vocal microphone with a switch on/off on it, used for a wide variety of live and studio applications. Clear sound with slight bass proximity. This mic has clear and... View more


Save 14.9%, MSRP $175.00
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