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Manhasset MA1000 Music Lamp
The ultimate in attractive design and simplicity. Features include glare-free, full-width, audience-shielded illumination. It has ample clearance of even the taller scores of music, and dual clips for assured attachment, yet easily installed and removed. Complete with 40-watt bulb, 8-foot cord, and switch. Durable black enamel finish. Rigorously... View more
Manhasset 51820 Mighty Bright - Duet 2
XtraFlex Duet 2 - L.E.D Music Stand Light in Black. . Continuing with the original XtraFlex Duet's mission of lighting two full pages of sheet music, the Duet 2 was born out of necessity for an even brighter and more versatile light. . . Perfect for large music stands, two and three page music scores, music books and choral folios, this new Mighty... View more
Manhasset 53510 Mighty Bright - Orchestra light
The Mighty Bright Orchestra Light with a LED clip-on music light is the ultimate light for performing musicians. Mighty Bright, in collaboration with professional musicians from around the world, developed the LED Orchestra Light to address many common illumination needs of traveling and professional musicians. Mighty Bright LED Orchestra Light... View more
Manhasset 50810 Mighty Bright - Duet
Now at, one of the coolest portable lights available. Bright, adjustable, durable and very functional for lighting sheet music on a music stand.. . The XtraFlex Duet from Mighty Bright is a bright LED light with a sturdy base and 2 fully adjustable goosenecks to cover 2 pages of sheet music and more. Its 2 large LEDs have... View more
Manhasset M4901 Director's Stand
A must for every director. Unique double desk construction provides easily accessible music storage. The vertical extension and desk dimensions are identical to the Symphony Stand.
Manhasset 50410 Mighty Bright
Mighty Bright XtraFlex Super LED Book Light. With the extremely flexible wire coil gooseneck, you can position this LED book light in ANY direction imaginable! It can clip to a book or it can stand on its own.
Manhasset 09-37372B AC Adaptor for Mighty Bright
For use with Classic Incandescent or Full Spectrum Lights (NaturaLamp, DayColor, CoolGlo) ONLYInput: 120 Volts 60 Hz 4WOutput: 5 volts DC Current: 300mA Max
Manhasset M5401 Regal Conductor's Stand
Designed with the needs of conductors in mind, this "flag ship" of the Manhasset music stand line provides a stately and distinctive station for orchestra and band directors. This double-shafted stand has a wide and extremely stable base. The desk (32" wide by 15 12" high) is capable of holding the larger scores. With its... View more
Manhasset M8101 Harmony Stand
The Harmony Stand is designed for impressive functionality and, with its floor stacking base, amazingly convenient storage. The Harmony Stands' "V-shaped" bases conveniently stack in an incredibly small amount of floor space. For example, since their bases stack together so tightly, it takes only six feet to store 25 stands, and 50... View more
Manhasset M4801 Student Model
This is one of the longest lasting, most durable music stand made. Rugged, all-aluminum,lightweight desks are ribbed for extra strength. Its powder coated, glare-free, black textured finish resists scratches and chipping. The easy, automatic no-knob friction-tilt neck delivers constant tension at any tilt position. Solid-brass bearings,... View more
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