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Retro Instruments Sta-Level
The Retro Instruments STA-LEVEL is a replica of the legendary 1956 Gates STA-LEVEL. The STA-LEVEL dominated the sound of hit radio in the 1960's. Now these super musical sounding compressors have... View more
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Retro Instruments 176 Tube Limiting Amplifier
The Retro Instruments 176 Limiting Amplifier has the largest feature set in any variable-mu design. Its design is based on a Bill Putnam classic, the UA 176. The Retro 176 faithfully reproduces the... View more
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Retro Instruments 2A3
The RETRO Instruments 2A3 is designed as an ultra High-Fidelity Program Equalizer whose sonic benefits go beyond the equalization process. Vintage Tube Amplifiers and Custom-Designed Transformers set... View more
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Retro Instruments Doublewide
The Retro Instruments Doublewide is a single-channel tube compression amplifier for API 500 Series. Single-channel tube compression amplifier for 500 Series. The Retro Doublewide is a true... View more
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Retro Instruments Revolver
The Revolver is a Dual-Channel Tube Compressor based on the sound of the British Invasion Retro Revolver - A Revolution in a Rack. When you first put your ears to the Retro Revolver, you'll hear some... View more
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Retro Instruments PowerStrip
The Retro Powerstrip recording channel is a high powered "channel strip" or "vintage studio in a box", capturing the tone of a tube mixing desk. Retro Instruments Power Strip. The Retro Powerstrip... View more
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Retro Instruments OP-6
The Retro OP-6, setting yet another standard to compare your BEST vintage pieces! Retro Instruments has taken what has been learned from the PAST, and created a unit to be used NOW Portable... View more
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