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K&M 226 Black
The K&M 226-Black is a gooseneck, 5/8" female and male thread. Length: 200 mm, diameter: 11 mm, color: black.


Save 9.5%, MSRP $21.00
Rycote Classic-Softie 18cm Camera Kit 116012
All-in-one suspension and windshield kit for shotgun microphones, with slots no further than 18cm from the front of the mic and 19-22mm in diameter. The essential all-in-one kit for outside filming... View more
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Save 9.7%, MSRP $309.00
K&M 255
The K&M 255 is a low-level stand with folding base, complete with long, 2-piece extendable boom arm. Nickel


Save 10%, MSRP $130.00
Stedman PC1
The PC1 is a high quality professional way to hold sheet music, lyrics and notes for viewing while sitting or standing. The clamp attaches to any microphone stand or boom and provides ideal placement... View more


K&M 213
A high quality steel speaker stand with zinc die-cast clamps for professional use. Black Infinitely variable height adjustment with a hand crank and push button system which prevents an uncontrolled... View more
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Save 10%, MSRP $370.00
Rycote Mini Windjammer Zoom H4N 055438
The Mini Windjammer H4N 055438 is a lined slip-on fur cover designed for use with the Zoom H4n portable digital recorder It has a windshield rating of medium that provides 30 to 40 dB reduction from... View more


Save 7.7%, MSRP $51.99
SE Dual Pop Shield Pro
A simple but highly effective solution to the problem of needing different pop shields for different vocal performances. The Dual Pro Pop uses a rock-solid gooseneck with both a standard fabric... View more


Save 7.7%, MSRP $64.99
K&M 240/5
Universal microphone holder suitable for many applications. The microphone can be mounted vertically or at an angle of 90°. In addition the hexagonal rod can also be attached horizontally or... View more


Save 10.5%, MSRP $57.00
K&M 201A/2-Black
The K&M 201A/2-Black is a microphone stand. Folding, long-legged die-cast base for stabilty and ease of transport. Noiseless, non-scratching clutch-style height-adjustment mechanism.


Save 10.5%, MSRP $76.00
The PF80 is an universal pop filter for use with vocal recording microphones.


Save 15.8%, MSRP $95.00
Rycote Duck Raincover for Windshield 1 214111
Weatherproof cover for mono and stereo windshields suitable for modular WS 1 Kit. Protect your Modular Windshield Kit from the bad weather with the Rycote Duck Rain Cover!. Now also available in a... View more


Save 6.3%, MSRP $159.00
The SM2 is a suspension shock mount that holds a range of large diaphragm condenser microphones. It provides isolation from external physical factors that may cause unwanted rumble and vibrations in... View more


Save 20.5%, MSRP $87.99
Triad-Orbit SS-IOSC
Synergy Series I/O-Equipped Spring Clamp is the fast mounting version of our I/O Grip Clamp. Fitted with our proprietary I/O receiver mounted on a strong hand compressed torsion spring, it has unique... View more


Save 22.1%, MSRP $122.00
Rycote Stereo Windshield Kit AD 080202
Stereo Windshield WS AD MS Kit is suitable for a pair of microphones in MS stereo configuration where the longest mic is 90mm. (Connbox not included) The WS AD MS Kit accommodates an MS pair with... View more
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Save 8.7%, MSRP $689.00
K&M 42040
The K&M 42040 is an amplifier, monitor and mixer stand for stage, studio or home Sturdy aluminium construction. Folds flat. Adjustable desk width. Non-skid rubber pads.


Save 10.2%, MSRP $205.00
Latch Lake Xtra Boom 12
The Xtra Boom is Latch Lake's go-to product for mic arrays and tricky mic placement. 12" lenghth in Black. It's an accessory boom that enables you to hang multiple microphones from one stand... View more


K&M 224 Black
The K&M 224-Black is a gooseneck, 5/8" female and male thread. Length: 300 mm, diameter: 15 mm, color: black.


Save 11.8%, MSRP $34.00
K&M 19722
iPad holder. Showtime! The clever way to display your iPad. The new connector holds an iPad securely and comfortably. Whether on stage, in the rehearsal room or at home - the strong prismatic... View more


Save 10.1%, MSRP $89.00
K&M 26085
With the unique »Soft-Touch« one-hand clutch the height can be adjusted with a quick squeeze to easily raise and lower the mic. Sleek, flat, cast-iron base is very stable and durable. Quality black... View more


Save 10.5%, MSRP $105.00
Triad-Orbit IO-H1
The Triad-Orbit IO-H1 quick-change mounting heads securely connect microphones, booms and miscellaneous accessories to TRIAD-ORBIT advanced microphone stand system components. The IO-H features the... View more


Save 20.2%, MSRP $22.00
Triad-Orbit GB-3
The TRIAD-ORBIT GB-3 / Grav Bags or Ballast Bags are unique weighted 'shot bags' that can be used individually 3.3 lbs as 'booties' on leg ends of the mic stand. TRIAD-ORBIT Grav Bags are unique... View more


Save 3.6%, MSRP $112.00
K&M 19727
iPad Air 2-Holder


Save 10.7%, MSRP $84.00
Rycote Soft Grip Extension Handle 037301
The Extension Handle allows portable recorders and cameras with 3/8" female thread, to be either hand-held or mounted on a microphone stand or boom pole Thanks to its ergonomic, soft-grip feel, the... View more


Primacoustic KickStand
The KickStand performs two functions at the same time: it stops vibrations from entering the mic and it stabilizes the microphone to more accurately capture of the sound. The KickStand is a heavy... View more


Rycote Cyclone Windjammer Small 029103
The Windjammer first introduced by Rycote is a high quality synthetic fur-cover, which provides the highest possible protection against extreme wind-noise. The Windjammer first introduced by Rycote... View more
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Save 8%, MSRP $249.00
K&M 24471
The 24471 is a multi-purpose wall mount for speakers. The mounted speaker can be swiveled to the sides & tilted up to 30°. Easy mounting by convenient hooking in and screw locking


Save 10%, MSRP $110.00
K&M 16310
The K&M 16310 is an attractive headphone holder that keeps the headphones tidy and close to hand The soft rubber support can easily take 2 standard pairs of headphones. In addition, 2 in-ear... View more


Save 10%, MSRP $21.00
Ultimate Support JS-SRR100
Ultimate Support JS-SRR100 is a JamStands® Series Rolling Rack Stand. Rolling Rack Stand. On stage, behind the board, or in the studio, sometimes you need your rack to be open and mobile. The... View more


Oktava SM-20 Shock Mount
The SM-20 is an universal shock mount with pop filter For MK-012, MK-103, MK-102 and other microphones with frontal capsule and body diameter 19-23mm.


Rycote PCS-Boom Connector - Classic Adaptor 185807
The Classic Adaptor for PCS-Boom Connector is the neatest, lightest and simplest way to integrate the Rycote Professional Connection System into your existing Rycote windshield kit Replacing your... View more


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