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Gefell KEM970
The Cardioid Plane Microphone is a multi-capsule microphone system with unique directional characteristics that are largely independent of frequency. On the horizontal axis the KEM 970 has the... View more
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Schoeps CMC6 w/ MK2s - Mono
The CMC 6Ug is the standard high quality amplifier body for Schoeps Colette series of capsules. It can be paired with any capsules of the Schoeps Colette series. The capsules of condenser microphones... View more
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Schoeps CMC5 w/ MK2 - Mono
CMC5 with MK2 Capsule The chief task of a CMC microphone amplifier is to convert the extremely high-impedance signal from the capsule to a very low-impedance one suitable for transmission through a... View more
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