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Radial Engineering J33

The Radial J33 is a combination stereo phono preamp and direct box designed to interface turntables to professional audio systems.

The Radial J33 is a combination phono preamplifier and purpose built stereo direct box made to handle the rigors of the professional recording studio and the abusive environment of live touring. But don't let the tough exterior fool you... the J33's sonic performance will easily surpass many audiophile preamps costing much more.

Designed specifically for dynamic cartridges, the J33 begins with a low noise front end. Inputs are standard RCA with the required turntable ground lug. A precise RIAA low pass filter is tailored to produce a smooth, warm response. The signal is then buffered to provide the audio system with a standard -10dB signal with choice of RCA connectors for compatibility with home HiFi entertainment systems, 3.5mm (1/8") output to feed a laptop or iPod, or a stereo TRS ¼" jack for an audio recorder. A second set of direct box XLR outputs deliver a mic level signal to feed a concert snake, mic splitter and mixing desk preamp inputs. A rumble filter is also available for high sound pressure environments to reduce bothersome resonant feedback.

As with all Radial DIs, the J33 features a 14 gauge steel enclosure with a unique book-end design that creates a protective zone around the switches and connectors. The internal I-Beam construction ensures maximum rigidity while ensuring minimal stress on the sensitive solder joints. These combine to provide exceptional shielding against noise while ensuring greater dependability in the most demanding environments.

The Radial J33, a high performance turntable preamp that is ideally suited for music playback, archiving, DJing and sampling.
  • Combination RIAA Phono preamp and DI box
  • Stereo RCA, ¼" TRS, 3.5mm and XLR outputs
  • Built -in low frequency rumble filter
  • Choice of 48V phantom or DC supply
  • Specifications
  • Audio circuit type : Active circuit
  • Frequency response : RIAA response curve for phonographic playback
  • Signal to noise ratio : -82dB below 0dBu Output
  • Dynamic range : 91 dB
  • Equivalent input noise : -82 dBu @ 0 dBu output
  • Maximum input : -30 dBu @ 1kHz
  • Nominal Input : -50 ~ -40 dBu @ 1kHz
  • Total harmonic distortion : 0.002% @ 1kHz (-33 dBu input level)
  • Inter-modulation distortion : 0.025% @ -45 dBu input
  • Input impedance : 47k Ohms, unbalanced
  • Voltage gain : +37.8dB
  • Output impedance : XLR out: 600 Ohms; ¼", 3.5mm, RCA outs: 470 Ohms

  • Features
  • LED power LED: : Two indicators illuminate when power is applied
  • Low-Cut filter : -3dB @ 100Hz (rumble filter)
  • XLR configuration : AES standard (pin-2 hot)

  • General
  • Construction : 14 gauge steel chassis and outer shell
  • Finish : Durable powder coat
  • Size : Size: 5" x 6.25" x 2" (127 x 159 x 51mm)
  • Weight : 2.80lbs (1.28 kg)
  • Power : +48V phantom or +15VDC/400mA external supply (included)
  • Conditions : For use in dry locations only between 5°C and 40°C
  • Reviews
    July 6, 2016
    Excellent product price and service
    The title says it all... I will be keeping this Radial J33 for a long time. I bought the J33 and no longer need my old mixer to go with my turntable. If you want quality product with quality service, don't waste your time, go to Studio Economik. They are good at what they do, they know their products and you will walk out of there satisfied.

    I've never had a bad experience there.

    Keep up the great work!
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