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Compact Condenser Microphone

The RØDE NT6 is specifically designed for difficult mounting applications. Although clearly relevant to instrument mic\'ing, the new NT6 is extremely well suited to any situation where a small \'unobtrusive\' but powerful microphone system is required.

The NT6 utilises the 1/2\" (externally biased) gold sputtered true condenser transducer used in the internationally renowned RØDE NT5. The capsule is designed to attach to a custom made, multi-position swivel mount allowing it to be independently positioned with ease.

To further increase the versatility of the NT6, it is supplied with 2 thread adaptors - 1/4\" to 5/8\" and 1/4\" to 3/8\" that enable the capsule assembly to be securely attached to a wide variety of mic stands, tripods and boom poles.

The capsule is connected to the pre-amplifier (body) by a custom 3 m Kevlar® fibre reinforced cable. Housed within the heavy duty satin-nickel-plated body, is a state-of-the-art low noise balanced output preamplifier, exhibiting a wide dynamic range and full frequency response.

The surface-mount pre-amplifier circuit also incorporates a 2-position variable pad: 0 dB an -10 dB attenuation, and a 2-position variable high-pass filter that enables you to step from a flat response to 80 Hz high pass filter; both conveniently located away from the capsule, providing additional control without the need to move the capsule once in position.

The NT6 is intended for Film, Television, Broadcast, Live Performance, Theatre, Television, Surround and Environmental recording applications or wherever your imagination takes you.

The NT6 is produced in RØDE\'s design and manufacturing facility in Sydney, Australia. Utilising state of the art computer controlled machining and assembly technologies, RØDE is able to achieve levels of finish and repeatability of the most exacting standards and tolerances.

The NT6 comes supplied with Microphone Preamp (Body), Capsule, 3 m Kevlar® fibre reinforced cable, RM5 Stand Mount, 2-axis Swivel Mount, 2 thread adaptors, ZP1 Zip Pouch and WS5 Wind Shield.


  • 1/2" (externally biased) gold sputtered true condenser capsule
  • Heavy duty satin-nickel-plated body
  • 2-position variable pad: 0 dB and -10 dB
  • 2-position variable high-pass filter: flat and 80 Hz
  • Surface mount technology
  • Low noise
  • Wide dynamic range
  • Full frequency response
  • Supplied complete with 2-axis swivel mount, M5 clip, WS5 (Black) Wind Shield and Soft Pouch
  • Designed & manufactured in Australia
  • Full 2 year guarantee

  • Specifications

  • Acoustic Principle : Externally polarised 1/2" (13mm) pressure, gradient condenser
  • Directional Pattern : Cardioid
  • Frequency range : 40 Hz ~ 20,000 Hz selectable HPF @ 80 Hz/12 dB/octave
  • Output Impedance : 200 ohms
  • Signal/Noise ratio DIN/IEC 651 : 75 dB (1 kHz rel 1 Pa; per IEC651, IEC268-15)
  • Equivalent Noise : 19 dB SPL (per IEC651, IEC268-15)
  • Maximum SPL : 138 dB (@ 1% THD into 1 kO), 148 dB (@ 1% THD into 1 kO) - pad at maximum
  • Sensitivity at 1 kHz into 1 kO : -38 dB re 1 Volt/Pascal (16 mV @ 94 dB SPL) +/- 2 dB
  • Maximum output voltage : 6 dBu (@ 1% THD into 1 kO)
  • Dynamic Range - DIN/IEC 651 : 119 dB (per IEC651, IEC268-15)
  • Power (Supply voltage) : 48 Volts (P48)
  • Output Connection : 3 pin XLR, balanced output, between pin 2(+), pin (-) & pin 1 (ground)
  • Weight : 386 grm. (12.41 oz.)
  • Dimensions :

  • Capsule Assembly :
    Diameter = Ø 20 mm
    Length = 118.4 mm

    Main Body Assembly :
    Diameter = Ø 20 mm
    Length = 88.5 mm (Capsule face to cable connector)
    Height = 64 mm (Capsule to mount)



    Save 19.7%, MSRP $709.00
    Eligible for free shipping in Canada. Learn more

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