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Schoeps V4 U

The V4 U is a studio vocal microphone that unites the outstanding technical characteristics typical of SCHOEPS with a timeless, classic design.

The "look" of the V4 U is based on the SCHOEPS CM 51/3 microphone from 1951. But the V4 U is a thoroughly mo­dern studio microphone. Its capsule, cir­cuitry and mechanical construction are the result of extensive new development. Its capsule architecture has a warm, clear sonic character with smoothly rolled-off diffuse-field response. The V4's newly designed electronics offer a very high maximum sound pressure level and excellent electromagnetic compatibility.

Outstanding Technical Performance
  • Optimal on-axis frequency response featuring a mild high-frequency lift
  • Very smooth polar response - carefully controlled narrowing of the pattern at high frequencies
  • Diffuse-field response parallel to the 0° response with a gentle roll-off at high frequencies

  • The Capsule
    The classic look of the "Head Grille" is based on the vintage design of the SCHOEPS CM 51/3 microphone from 1951.

    The fundamental idea was clear that only a small-diaphragm capsule could meet the requirements for homogeneity of response curves and transparency of sound. But the special diffuse-field characteristics seemed to call for a large-diaphragm capsule, in which the pressure build-up due to the large membrane surface would cause the inevitable and desired narrowing of pickup pattern at high frequencies to begin sooner.

    In the end, both of these conflicting requirements were able to be achieved, through the use of a beveled ring around the membrane, thus increasing its effective diameter (as far as certain acoustic phenomena are concerned) to about 33 mm.

    This 33-mm beveled collar causes the capsule's directivity to increase steadily and smoothly at high frequencies, as in a large-diaphragm microphone. Meanwhile, the superior acoustic qualities of a small-diaphragm capsule are maintained.

    The capsule is elastically suspended internally to reduce handling noise and other solid-borne sound. The head can be angled +/- 20°.

    Polar Response
    A very gradual increase in directivity at high frequencies contributes to the clear, warm sonic character.

    The polar diagrams reveal the following characteristics: Below 6 kHz all polar diagrams have practically the same shape. Then the pattern begins to narrow in a desirable fashion toward a supercardioid characteristic, with a rear lobe whose sensitivity is no greater than -14 dB relative to the 0° response.

    No irregularities in polar response occur at any frequency and at no point does the microphone have a directional pattern broader than cardioid. The controlled narrowing of the high frequency polar pattern begins at 7 kHz.

    Frequency Response
    The 0° frequency response is linear to 20 kHz, allowing for a moderate, 2 dB high-frequency elevation between 4 and 15 kHz. The diffuse-field frequency response runs parallel to the 0° curve in ideal fashion. The directivity index (the ratio between on-axis and diffuse-field response) is never less than ca. 5 dB at any frequency.

  • Maximum sound pressure level of 145 dB SPL
  • Maximum output level = 5 V
  • Output stage: Transformerless and without capacitors
  • Truly symmetrical, balanced output
  • Low, frequency independent output impedance
  • Requires +48V phantom power via XLR-3

  • The electronics achieve record results: 145 dB SPL maximum sound pressure level, with a 5V maximum output voltage as well as particularly good output impedance and symmetry values, accomplished by means of a newly-designed bridge output stage. Being a Schoeps microphone, of course it has extremely low noise and optimal protection from *electromagnetic interference.
  • Studio Vocal Microphone
  • New small-diaphragm capsule architecture, with bevelled collar for controlling the polar response.
  • Warm, clear sonic character with smoothly rolled-off diffuse-field response.
  • Capsule head with adjustable tilt angle.
  • Optimal on-axis frequency response featuring a mild high-frequency lift.
  • Very smooth polar response; carefully-controlled narrowing of the pattern at high frequencies.
  • Diffuse-field response parallel to the 0 ° response, with a gentle roll-off at high frequencies.
  • Newly designed electronics offer a very high maximum sound pressure level.

  • Options:
  • The V4 U is available in Vintage Blue, or Gray finishes
  • The V4 SGV set includes a SGV Stand Adaptor
  • The V4 USM Set includes a USM-V4 "Lyre" Shockmount by Rycote
  • All options include a polished wood case
  • Specifications
  • Directional pattern : Cardioid
  • Frequency range : 50 Hz - 22 kHz
  • Sensitivity : 16 mV/Pa
  • Equivalent noise level (A-weighted) : 15 dB-A
  • Equivalent noise level (CCIR) : 25 dB
  • Signal-to-noise ratio (A-weighted) : 79 dB-A
  • Maximum sound pressure level at 0.5% THD : 144 dB-SPL
  • Maximum output voltage : 4.8 V
  • Low-cut frequency : 40 Hz
  • Powering voltage : 48 V
  • Current consumption : 3.3 mA
  • Length : 194 mm
  • Weight : 302 g
  • Diameter (cylinder) : 34 mm
  • Width of the capsule head : 45 mm
  • Head swivel degree span : +/- 20 °
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