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Shadow Hills Industries Dual Optograph is a no-comprimise, stereo optical compressor, with quality and character on-par with the sought after esoteric compressors of the past.

Derived from the optical section of it's behemoth big brother, the Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor, the Shadow Hills Industries Dual Optograph is a no-comprimise, stereo optical compressor, with quality and character on-par with the sought after esoteric compressors of the past. The essence of the compressor's sonics comes from our custom electroluminescent cell and discrete op-amp combination. The high quality all discrete signal path is pristine enough for bus compression, perfect for massaging vocals, tough enough for squeezing drum busses and gluing anything that needs to sound more finished, more like a record. The Dual Optograph's threshold and make up gain are controlled by discrete attenuators, made from custom twenty-four position Elma switches. All of the other rotary controls are similarly detented switches, for recallability of settings. The tactile feel and quality of these controls are unrivaled. They are of the highest quality and will last forever.

Built into the side chain, are a very powerful selection of filters: 90 hertz, 150 hertz, 250 hertz, and bandpass. By engaging the filters, you choose at which point the onset of compression occurs. First position, nothing below ninety triggers compression. Second position, nothing below one-fifty. Third, nothing below two-fifty. The fourth position is a musical bandpass filter. In this position, compression is triggered by the program's mid-range frequency content, ignoring the highest and lowest frequencies. These filters are amazingly useful for shifting the focus of what should be more compressed and creating compression curves on purpose.

The Output Transformer Selection Switch allows you to choose between Nickel, Iron, or Steel settings, thus changing the tonal capabilities to compliment to whatever material you are recording. Each transformer position is stellar unto itself, but the capability of switching between them allows you to change the character of the compressor with the flick of the switch. Another unique feature for sculpting the overall character is the Transformer Desaturate mode. In this mode we cancel out any distortion and frequency non-linearity's caused by the output transformer. The result is a pure almost transformer-less sound, whilst still receiving the benefits, of limiting transients, that can only come from magnetics.

The Dual Optograph can operate in Dual Mono or Stereo. There is also a large VU meter for the display of gain reduction or output level.

The Chassis is made of twelve gauge steel. It has an engraved front panel and custom made knobs.

The Dual Optograph is powered by our robust external power supply.
  • Pristine sound quality and unique character
  • Output transformer switching
  • Transformer Desaturate
  • Switchable sidechain filters
  • Discrete attenuators and detented switches on all controls
  • Vu Metering
  • True Hardwire bypass
  • Dual mono and stereo operation
  • Engraved front panels
  • Robust external power supply
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