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Shadow Hills Industries Equinox
The Equinox is a complete recording console. First, the control room section features a twenty-four-position discrete monitor volume control and a three-position speaker selector. The four position input selector chooses from: DAW 1 2, Channels 3 - 32 summed, 2-track or external input, and Mic Pre.

The summing buss is a 30-channel mixer utilizing copper buss bars and esoteric resistors, for simply the finest sounding passive monitor section ever made. Combined through our switchable custom output transformers, Nickel, Iron, and Steel. Effectively giving you the sound of three different consoles. The Mic Pres are the same as our stellar Gama.

There is a built in talkback microphone, a dim and a mono stereo switch, and VU-meters. The Equinox may just be the most solid two rack spaces ever built. With it you can record, mix, and monitor to the tolerance of a bygone era.

The front panel is engraved. The knobs are bake-lite, and the two-rack space external power supply will work in any country on any voltage.

A dual channel version of the Golden Age Microphone Amp, and Thirty-two channel summing mixer in a 2u package. The microphone preamp features three selectable output transformers, to create a broad pallet of sonic characteristics. 24 position Stepped input switches included. 60DB gain, phase, 48v, 1/4" DI.

Custom Steel Transformer (hand wound to match a favorite 1970's American output transformer.) Tight and punchy, the sound of rock and roll.

Custom Nickel Transformer (hand wound transformer based on a L.A. custom console) Super clear and wonderful sounding.

Iron Transformer modern version of the class a St. Ives 1166 Neve output transformer.

The mode switch selects between microphone preamp and sixteen or thirty-two channel summing mixer. The summing mixer uses hand matched esoteric holco resistors, The same type used in our mastering consoles and attenuators. The mixer output also uses the selectable output transformers, thus allowing three different sounding mix buss options. The control volume section includes: Control room volume, 3 speaker selector, 2x two track inputs. You toggle between your DAW stereo mix, the summing mixer's stereo output, or just the 2x mic pre outputs. Dim, mute and talk back. Rear panel connections: sum buss inputs via DB25, in stereo pairs. Odd/left, even/right. All other connections via XLR.

¤ External custom designed discrete, voltage regulated, low ripple power supply and power transformer. Separate electrical and audio grounding paths making noise extremely low.
¤ phase reverse for mic and DI
¤ 18 db pad for mic and DI
¤ isolated 48 volt phantom power
¤ engraved front panel
¤ All steel 14 gage chassis
¤ solid Bake-lite knobs
¤ Magic eye tube power indicator
¤ 24 position stepped input option available on per channel request
¤ total weight 34 pounds
  • output noise at full gain, EIN, is 132 dB. A-weighted.
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