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Shure WHLB

The Shure Whitelabel is a DJ Phono Cartridge for club Dj's.

What type of DJ is this cartridge suited to
The Whitelabel (WHLB) is tailored for the club environment. It is perfect for both digital and vinyl DJs and is the most accurate cartridge for reproducing the sound on your vinyl. The ergonomic design integrates the headshell and the cartridge in to one piece, which also delivers higher tractability, lower tone-arm resonance and better skip resistance.

What does the WHLB include
The WHLB includes the headshell/cartridge and one stylus, as well as an accessory pack that features a stylus cleaning brush and a headshell screwdriver.
  • Integrates the head shell and cartridge into one piece
  • Innovative features for today's DJs and turntables
  • The new standard for club DJs
  • Cartridges perform more accurately
  • Requires less tracking force to stay in the record groove
  • Less destruction to record groove
  • Skip Resistance: high
  • Output: high
  • Record Wear: very low
  • Sound Emphasis: solid drop bass with detailed mids and highs
  • Specifications
  • Tone Arm Mount: SME-Bavonett
  • Cartridge Type: MM
  • Output Voltage: 6,0 mV
  • Tracking Force Range: 1,5 - 3 g
  • Tracking Force Optimum: 2 g
  • Reviews
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    Additional information
    For more information about the WHLB, please visit the website of Shure
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