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Solid State Logic Pro-Convert - Mac

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The Solid State Logic Pro-Convert for Mac is a new software application designed to improve workflow and make it easier for producers to use their DAW of choice.

Pro-Convert is audio project translation software that facilitates the exchange of entire projects between audio applications. The application is designed to make it much easier and quicker to move projects between producers or facilities where different audio applications are in daily use. Pro-convert is designed to remove the creative and technical constraints presented by an 'industry standard' DAW environment.

For commercial music facilities Pro-Convert means the ability to streamline the process of opening projects created within a broader range of DAW environments. For the creative producer Pro-Convert means being able to begin projects within your private studio using the DAW that is the best creative fit for the way you want to work, secure in the knowledge that you can easily transport your project for collaboration or mastering. For Commercial Post facilities, Pro-Convert means the ability to easily import music and material created in Apple's Final Cut Pro.For large scale Post Production projects or facilities where multiple producers contribute to a single production process, production teams can enjoy significantly streamlined workflow, and hand over a stem based Mix to the Final Cut Pro Operator.

Pro-Convert 5.5 for MAC supports the essential choice of DAW's and NLE's on MAC OSX.


  • Streamlines project transfer between Digital Audio Workstations
  • Compatible with over 40 different applications
  • Converts to and from Pro Tools® 7.x
  • Simple step by step operation
  • "Audio Tool" audio file format batch converter
  • Frame accurate offset feature
  • "Housekeeping" features for cleaning up projects
  • Fade curve translation control
  • Pan and Volume automation curve conversion
  • Includes Track Markers and PQ Data
  • Search & Replace missing audio file functions
  • Rapid offline conversion process
  • Specifications

  • Intel MAC running MAC OS X 10.5.6 or later
  • 1.4GHz CPU or faster
  • 100 MB hard-disk space for program installation
  • Free USB Port (can also reside on a USB 2.0 Hub) for Dongle
  • 1280*800 or larger Screen Resolution
  • Reviews

    $99.00 (Special)

    Save $487.00, Regular $586.00
    Free shipping in Canada. Conditions

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