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Sorry, the product Solid State Logic XLogic X-Rack 8 Input Module is not available anymore on Studio Economik's website.

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The essential module for creating a SuperAnalogue summing mixer, this module is designed for situations where the aim is high channel counts. XR624

The Eight Input Module was developed in response to requests from X-Rack users for a line input module designed to accommodate larger quantities of stereo line level inputs from studio sources such as multichannel audio interfaces, sub mixers and synthesizers.

The Eight Input Module offers greater connectivity than the Four Input Module but does not offer independent Level, Solo & Pan control. The Four and Eight Input Modules are both designed for use in conjunction with the recently released Master Bus Module, the summing, metering & control room module that enables users to configure the X-Rack as a multi input, dual stereo bus mini SSL summing mixer with Total Recall.
  • Eight line level inputs configured as four stereo pairs
  • Mono/stereo switching for each stereo pair
  • Additional insert points for inputs 1&2 and 3&4
  • Independent On/Off switches for each stereo pair
  • Specifications
    Physical: *
    Depth : 200mm / 7.9 inches : including front panel knobs, excluding connectors
    275mm / 10.9 inches : including front panel knobs and connectors
    Height : 171mm / 6.75 inches
    Width : 35mm / 1.4 inches : front/rear panels
    49mm / 1.9 inches : overall width (front and rear panels are offset)
    Weight : 260g / 9.5 ounces
    Boxed size : 190mm x 290mm x 70mm / 7.5" x 11.5" x 2.5"
    Boxed weight : 460g / 16.5 ounces

    * All values are approximate

    Performance Specification:*
    Gain : Fixed, 0dB
    THD + Noise : (+24dBu applied, 0dB gain) : < 0.005% from 20Hz to 20kHz
    < 0.008% at 20kHz
    Frequency Response : 20Hz to 20kHz : ±0.1dB
    150kHz : -3dB
    Noise : (Input terminated with 150) : < -80dBu

    * See User Manual for measurement conditions & references
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