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Solid State Logic XLogic X-Rack fitted with 8 Dynamics Modules

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SSL XRack with 8 Dynamics Modules
SSL's innovative new XRack Dynamics comes pre-loaded with eight dynamics sections of a classic SSL XL 9000 K. The SSL XRack Dynamics incorporates eight channels of compression, limiting, expansion and gating with hard or soft knee operation and peak, or RMS sensing in a single 4U rackmountable unit. All of this circuitry is designed using SSL's acclaimed SuperAnalogue design techniques to deliver fantastic sound quality with very low noise and distortion.

SSL XRack Dynamics Module At-a-Glance

  • SSL's Capacitor-less SuperAnalogue Design

  • Compression, Limiting, Expansion, and Gating with Hard or Soft Knee Operation

  • Total Recall

  • SSL's Capacitor-less SuperAnalogue Design
    SSL put the same ultra-quiet, capacitor-less circuitry in the XRack Dynamics Module that they put in their super-expensive XL 9000 K mixing boards. With this capacitor-less design, you are assured that your XRack Dynamic Modules will remain phase linear year after year. This also means that each XRack Dynamics Module is an identical copy of any other one, providing a uniform sound. The SSL XRack Dynamics Module is the perfect way to get the classic sound of an SSL dynamics section and take it with you in your rack wherever you need to record or mix.

    Compression, Limiting, Expansion, and Gating with Hard or Soft Knee Operation
    The XRack Dynamics Module provides the classic sound of the dynamics section of a SSL XL 9000 K console which includes compression, limiting, expansion, and gating. With the XRack Dynamics Module you get Variable Ratio, Threshold and Release compressor adjustments, with RMS/Peak operation and fast/slow attack switches with LED monitoring to help keep an eye on the levels. The XRack Dynamics features balanced inputs and outputs, and has an external key to further expand its dynamic capabilities.

    Total Recall
    The truly amazing thing about the XRack Dynamics 8 Module is that the XRack integrates Total Recall - an absolute first in analog equipment. Total Recall allows you to set any or all of the modules in the XRack, dial in your perfect sound, and then save the preset to one of the 32 flash memory locations. Saving presets was once territory only traversed by digital outboard gear and plug-ins, but the XRack from SSL gives you the classic SSL true analog sound with the convenience of digital. Once you've found your ideal sound, save the settings for the next time you need that awesome compression you used on the last session.

    And thanks to the innovative modular design of the SSL XRack Dynamics, if you should ever decide to add an EQ or mic pre to the XRack Dynamics, you can simply switch out one (or more) of the Dynamics Modules for either a EQ Module or Mic Amp Module.

    SSL XRack Dynamics 8 Module Features:

  • Fully Balanced inputs and outputs

  • Unlimited number of units can be connected together using dynamic linking

  • RMS compressor, over-easy. switchable to peak sensing, hard knee via pull switch

  • Selectable fast attack mode for fast transients

  • Variable Ratio, Threshold and Release compressor

  • adjustments, with RMS/Peak operation and fast/slow attack switches

  • External key operation

  • Independent Hold time and Release controls.

  • Selectable Fast Attack. Switchable Gate ratios for 40:1

  • Gate or 2:1 Expander Compressor and Gate LED metering

  • SEL switch for selecting channel to be displayed on total recall plus null LEDs per control.
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