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The CL-9 Linear Fader Controller is a dedicated mixing surface for the 788T.

With the addition of a CL-9, the already powerful 788T becomes a complete mixer / recording system, perfect for audio capture in sound-for-picture and music-oriented productions.


  • 100 mm ultra-low latency linear faders on each input for precise control of post-fade levels
  • Master rotary faders for Left, Right, Aux1, and Aux2 Tracks
  • Provides access to the 788T parametric EQ
  • Provides access to continuous pan to the Left and Right Tracks
  • Provides access to the slating system
  • Provides access to two separate private bidirectional talk back systems
  • Allows user to quickly change parameters of various functions
  • Allows user to quickly change input-to-track routing and track enabled status
  • Allows user to quickly solo any input, track, or output in the headphone monitor
  • Ability to quickly mute outputs
  • No extended power sources required. Control and powering via a single USB cable.
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