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The DSF-1 is a digital surround microphone system aimed at the discerning concert venue broadcast and recording markets, ideal for capturing music in both stereo and surround.

Digital Music Performance Microphone System - Comprising of DSF-1 Microphone, DSF-1 Control Unit, 20m
Mic Cable, Leather Microphone Case, Shock Mount and Foam Windshield (B-format/Stereo outputs on
balanced AES outputs).


  • Gain indicator LEDs (up to 40dB) in 3dB steps
  • Switchable fixed threshold Limiter to prevent 'digital overload'
  • End Fire - maintains correct 3D perspective in surround and stereo when mic is horizontal
  • Invert - maintains correct 3D perspective in surround and stereo when mic is suspended upside down
  • Switchable 26 segment B-Format / Stereo bargraphs 0 to -37.5dBfs range
  • Rotate - offers 360° mic rotation with switchable Coarse (10° steps) and Fine (1° steps) mode
  • Switchable 40Hz or 80Hz Hi-pass filter with status LED
  • Mid/Side - switches stereo outputs from Left/Right to M/S
  • Variable Polar Pattern and Angle (width) for stereo output
  • Sample rate selector: 44.1K, 48K, 88.2K, 96K, 176.4K, 192K and External Clock
  • Stereo headphone monitoring section with level control
  • Power/Status LED
  • Manufacturer Part Number : DSF-1 MK2



    Free shipping in Canada. Conditions
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