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The sensuous and stately tones of the alto flute and searing bite of the piccolo. Electronic Delivery.

Two of the finest players performing in the hall at Air studios as part of the British Modular Orchestra range; providing composers with tools to create fine, nuanced and detailed works.

This is a next-gen, deeply sampled library featuring the talents of the greatest woodwind players in London today. Recorded to tape via the finest signal chain in the arguably finest room. This standalone volume contains a selection of essential articulations curated by multi award winning composers and musicians. The module features multiple (UP TO 8) round robins, dynamic layers and easy to use, fully functional legato with control of vibrato. Both players are recorded in situ so sit perfectly with all of our orchestra products recorded in the hall at Air Lyndhurst but with a selection of microphone perspectives, can also provide intimate music save as part of a duet accompanied by nothing more than a harp for example.

BML Additional Flutes consists of the sensuous tones of the Alto Flute and the irrepressible Piccolo, playing in the hall at Air Studios. Composers have been travelling the world over for many years now, our strings are formidable here in London alongside our woodwinds and brass. With the numerous symphony and chamber orchestras, the three major opera houses, several world class concert halls and 80+ theatre pits and buzzing film business in London alone. We have plenty of excellent woods players to pick from!

The alto flute is a more nobel instrument than it's soprano cousin. It became familiar to our ears in it's artful use from the likes of Lalo Schifrin and Henry Mancini in the 1970s, and is often used to convey sensuality and "adult" themes when employed with use of flutter tonguing! It is safe to say the alto flute is the cooler more laid back elder brother of the soprano. The piccolo on the other hand is the insuppressible bastard child of the orchestra that cannot be silenced. Even one solitary player can add the absolute "take the orchestra to eleven" with it's searing rips and overblows. Essential for any composer wishing to create blistering action cues and horror stings.

With 7 mic positions, recorded at 96k through vintage valve and ribbon mics to tape through Neve preamps and Prism convertors, and presented at 48k, 24bit in Kontakt format, and additionally three extremely useful 'mixed' versions. You are given a choice of scale and aperture to suit your project.

Additional Flutes is a single volume library so unlike 'essential articulations' or 'Volume 1' modules this is a very deeply sampled multi articulation module. These will get you set with everything you'd need from these instruments with both essential and additional articulations in the one module.

This is a deeply sampled library which features multiple round robins, dynamic layers and easily usable fully functional legato with control of vibrato.

The library is presented with numerous microphone positions which you can not only mix and blend to fit the application you're working on, but also automate for dramatic shifts in focus and depth. We have also specially commissioned 3 exclusive Jake Jackson mixes of every sample to save you time and system resources. These mixes are specially designed to work in different applications from pop to chamber to epic cinematic and by using these mixes across the BML range you can achieve total mix integrity, just as Jake would do it!
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