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Sorry, the product Spitfire Audio BML Chamber Strings Sable 3 is not available anymore on Studio Economik's website.

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The world's finest chamber strings library part three, playing extended articulations and additional techniques. Electronic Delivery.

Small can be beautiful, ultra detailed and delicate with our band of the sixteen (4,3,3,3) top British session musicians and concert players.

The next chapter in Sable, a strings library that give you tools you need to write detailed and focussed chamber parts that have a personality and style that represents your personality, that expresses your creative will and provides you with fresh pastures of experimentation.

Whilst useable as a stand-alone library, this selection of additional techniques played by the entire 16 piece band recorded at Air Studios, is designed to work in conjunction with Volumes 1&2. So some of the functionality won't be useable if you have one or both of the pervious volumes. It's like the next step, going in deeper if you will.

This volume is designed to give you the edge as a composer by providing a selection of advance tools so you can further your string writing, the detail and beauty of truly contrapuntal and properly voiced string parts. This alongside some truly engaging and inspiring advanced techniques to again advance your colour and timbral palette.

This is very much founders Paul & Christian's train set and one of their favourite selection of strings tools they've yet created, with some absolute workhorse articulations like the tempo locked measured trems, sul ponts, molto espressivo (or molto vib). Not to mention some fairly essential effects and the very unique 'tense longs' that have provided PT & CH with hours of sustained and welcome diversion!

Unlike Sable 1 & 2, Sable 3 features all four sections (4 x 1st Violins, 3 x 2nd, 3 x Violas, 3 x Cellos, 3 x Basses) playing a very large and detailed selection of articulations, so it presents very good value. As with all other Sables Volume 3 is deeply sampled with multiple dynamic layers, round robins and some very playable 'true' vibrato.

The library is presented with numerous microphone positions which you can not only mix and blend to fit the application you're working on. We have also specially commissioned 3 exclusive Jake Jackson mixes of every sample to save you time and system resources.
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