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A group of London's finest low-end brass players. Tuba, Solo Cimbasso, Cimbasso Ensemble and the rarified Contra Bass Trombone. Electronic Delivery.

Recorded in the hall at Air studios to give your arrangements a unique thunder!

Spitfire is a collective of successful award winning composers and in this volume they have personally curated a selection of essential articulations and techniques to give you everything you would need to get up and running with this warmest deepest and at times brashest of brass instruments.

Composers have been travelling the world over for many years now to work with our rich and talented population of brass players. The tuba found here is played by the first-call Tuba player on the session scene. The cimbassi and contrabass trombone though rarer in concert music, have become favourites of blockbuster producers, for their incredible bite and growl. So this library caters to the beautiful chocolatey tones of these low instruments but also, if it is rage you require there are no better exponents!

A wide bore valved brass instrument used as a bass or contrabass member of an orchestra. Often used as a comedy effect for it's short farty parps, it is often forgotten what a beautiful chocolatey tone it can give. Arranging for a choir of tuba, euphoniums and horns would provide a seemless onslaught of tear inducing beauty. In the right hands (and in Owen Slade here, we certainly are!) they can be incredibly lyrical but also, at the lowest part of their register and upper dynamic levels, monstrous and utterly terrifying!

Wagner Strauss and Schoenberg are some composers who put this instrument through its paces, however, the eponimous Samuel Adler in his book "The Study Of Orchestration" rather flippantly remarked "Since the contrabass trombone taxes the performer so greatly, we advise not to write for the instrument..." Pah to that! London has a handful of fine players and in this library we have the finest.

So the CB Trombone is as the name would suggest, part of the trombone family; a brass lipped reed aerophone with a cylindrical bore featuring the familiar telescopic slide. Be warned though, whilst we have looped the samples here be wary when writing loud lower parts. You'd be lucky to get half a bar of sustained notes in these conditions.

In 1881 G.C. Pelitti created at Verdi's request a new low brass instrument, the "trombone basso Verdi". Verdi scored for this instrument in subsequent operas, Otello and Falstaff, thereafter it was adopted by most Italian orchestras. It slipped into obscurity in the 20th century (orchestras opting to pass these parts onto the Tuba) but has seen a recent revivial, especially in the realm of film scores. It is a valved instrument with the appearance of a tuba that has been on a very effective diet. Whilst it's range is quite low it's finer bore doesn't offer as much chocolatey bottom end that the Tuba does. But it's not this that we're looking for with a Cimbasso, for the real character of the instrument is in it's upper dynamics and Cuivre style of playing. For therein lies a sound that could have sprung straight out of a Hyronemous Bosch painting.

As above but with 2 two different players playing at the same time. Combine the two patches and you have three Verdi trombone bassos!

This is a deeply sampled library with a selection of essential articulations curated by multi award winning composers and musicians. From longs to shorts to screaming rips and drops. The library features multiple round robins, dynamic layers and easily usable fully functional legato with control of vibrato.

The library is presented with numerous microphone positions which you can not only mix and blend to fit the application you're working on, but also automate for dramatic shifts in focus and depth. We have also specially commissioned 3 exclusive Jake Jackson mixes of every sample to save you time and system resources. These mixes are specially designed to work in different applications from pop to chamber to epic cinematic and by using these mixes across the BML range you can achieve total mix integrity, just as Jake would do it!
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