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SPL MasterBay S

The new MasterBay S can manage up to four stereo processors comfortably and its fascinating possibilities allow you to get the best results out of your equipment.

Mastering Router

The classic patch bay allows you to easily route signals between different signal sources, processors and other audio gear. All connected devices can be tapped at any point in the signal path by simply making the adequate connections in the patch bay.

This can be very practical when working in projects, since you can set up the audio path according to a specific production without having to change anything until the production is finished. That is frequently the case during mixdown.

However, in the mastering stage the needs of an engineer often go well beyond this. Even a direct A/B comparison between two processors or two different signal paths can prove unfeasible with a patch bay. Not to mention loudness compensation after processing, comfortable fine adjustment of input and output levels or an adequate level control to dynamically fade the signal.

The MasterBayS fulfills all of these requirements and goes even a couple of decisive steps forward. Its comfortable yet flexible switching and control functions make it easier to achieve the best results with the available equipment. Innovative and pragmatic functions, conceived to simplify and improve the comparison process, give you a qualitative edge in mastering applications, while saving you time. Using the MasterBayS as central interface for all your hardware gear reduces to the minimum the actual conversions taking place, regardless of the number of processors used. Due to its high engineering quality, the MasterBayS not only pampers the signal but it also becomes a key element in the audio production stage where it is put to use.

Its cutting-edge and clever features on the one hand and state-of-the-art conception and manufacturing on the other, make the MasterBayS a typical SPL unit - innovative, handmade premium quality from Germany.
  • Four switchable inserts
  • Parallel Mix function
  • Automatic A/B comparison with freely selectable intervals
  • Loudness compensation
  • Trim potentiometers for all input and output levels
  • Big level knob for dynamic fading
  • Always reduces signal conversion to the minimum
  • All audio signals are controlled directly by reliable relais switches and potentiometers - no sound-compromising DACs or VCAs
  • Specifications
    Inputs & Outputs:
    Differential amplifier, electronically balanced/transformerless
    Nominal input level: +4dBu

    Input Impedance:
    Main Input: ca. 20k ohms unbalanced, ca. 40k ohms balanced
    Insert 1-4 Return: ca. 20k ohms unbalanced, ca. 40k ohms balanced
    DAW Return: ca. 20k ohms unbalanced, ca. 40k ohms balanced

    Output Impedance:
    Rec. Output: ca. 75 ohms unbalanced, ca. 150 ohms balanced
    Insert 1-4 Send: ca. 75 ohms unbalanced, ca. 150 ohms balanced
    Monitor Output: ca. 75 ohms unbalanced, ca. 150 ohms balanced
    Metering Output: ca. 10 ohms unbalanced; ca. 20 ohms balanced

    Volume Control Ranges:
    Input Trim: -6dB to +6dB
    Insert Trim: -6dB to +6dB
    Master Fader: -80dB to +7dB
    Compensation Level: -12dB to 0dB

    Max. input level: 23dBu
    Max. output level: 23dBu
    Frequency Range: 10Hz-100kHz, -3dB: <10Hz - 200 kHz
    CMR - Main Input: >70dB, DAW Return: >70dB, (@1 kHz, 0dBu input level, unity gain)
    THD&N - Rec. Output: 0.0015%, Monitor Output: 0.0015%, (1kHz, +4dBu input level, unity gain)
    S/N ratio (A-weighted) - Rec. Output: < -99dB, Monitor Output < -98dB
    Crosstalk L/R (@ 1 kHz) <98dB
    Dynamic range (not weighted) - Rec. Output: 118,5 dB, Monitor Output: 116dB

    Power Supply:
    Toroidal transformers
    power supply for LEDs & Relays: 12V/6.3 VA, power supply for audio: 2 x 18V/16VA
    Fuses 230 V AC: 50Hz, 1A; 115 V AC: 60 Hz, 2A
    Voltage Selector 115V/230V
    Power Consumption 24W

    Dimensions & Weight:
    W x H x D: 482 x 88 x 237 mm; 19" x 3.46" x 9.33"
    Weight: 5.5kg; 12.13lbs
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    Additional information
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