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SPL Mercury (Black)


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The Mercury is high-end reference DAC for professionals in mastering and recording.

It features the latest 32 bit technology with sample rates of up to 768kHz. The DAC is also capable of converting Direct Stream Digital up to DSD512, also known as DSD4.The highest resolutions are possible using the USB port. Three connectors are provided for AES/EBU inputs allowing the second AES input to be used in a "Dual-Wire" application to convert signals of up to 384kHz via AES. All in all Mercury offers seven discrete digital inputs that are directly selectable by individual buttons on the front panel.

A specialty of Mercury are the eight selectable reference levels that allow to precisely set the matching levels for 0dBfs (full scale) ranging from 14dBu to 24dBu covering all studio and broadcast standards worldwide. All eight reference levels are set in the analog domain using a relay switch network!

Mercury features fixed and variable stereo outputs. The fixed output is best used if further processing of the unaltered signal is desired whereas the variable output can be used to adopt the level to a processing chain or to drive a monitoring/playback system directly.

The quality of the superb DAC chip is improved by processing the signal in SPLs proprietary 120V audio rail technology. The analog signal is "born" into a world of unprecedented headroom giving Mercury the transparent, precise and relaxed sound that SPL customers associate with the 120V technology.
Mastering series
  • 7 digital inputs 3x AES/EBU, USB, 2x COAX, 2x OPTICAL (DAC 32 bit, 768 kHz, DSD4/DSD512)
  • AES dual wire operation (DW) allows for 384kHz over AES
  • 8 Reference levels (14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 20 ,22 and 24 dB) covering ALL standards
  • Variable & fixed outputs (can be used as monitor controller!)
  • Wordclock input
  • 120V rail DAC filter output and gain staging
  • 4.0
    Joel Tatelman
    Toronto, ON
    December 6, 2021
    SPL Mercury and Crane Song Solaris
    For ultimate audio quality, which is the major consideration in a home audio playback system, so far, I slightly prefer the Crane Song Solaris. Having said that, it's early days and those who believe "break-in" is a real thing may tell me that the Mercury needs a few dozen more hours of playing time to perform its best.
    On the other hand, the Mercury handles PCM sampling rates up to 32/768 and DSD4, while the Solaris is limited to 24/192 PCM.
    Also, the Mercury offers two AES inputs (one of which can be used as dual-wire), two coaxial SPDIF inputs and two optical inputs, while the Solaris offers only one of each. Read more
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