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Synchro Arts VocAlign Pro 4
Advanced Automatic Audio Alignment
Fast, Automatic Alignment with Advanced Functionality

VocALign Pro 4 is the most advanced version of the legendary VocALign program, providing instant tight alignment of one audio signal to another. Simply capture a Guide signal with the right timing, capture a Dub signal to be aligned, press one button, and a new aligned Dub is generated and returned to your DAW.
  • VocALign PRO 4 automatically aligns two audio signals so that the timing of one matches the other
  • Simple, intuitive operation with Audio Suite, AAX, VST3 and AU plug-ins work with popular DAWs
  • Sophisticated pattern matching techniques
  • Rejects guide track noise
    Works with different speakers, singers, words, instruments and sounds
  • The aligned audio can be auditioned within VocALign PRO 4
  • Scrolling, scalable display allows instant visual confirmation of sync
  • User interface allows adjustment of selected audio regions for processing
  • User-adjustable processing presets ensure optimal performance
  • Pitch of aligned audio is unchanged
  • Specifications
    Why use VocALign PRO 4
    Audio Post production and multimedia
  • Perfect lip-syncing
  • Reduced studio time re-recording dialog
  • More accurate and convincing foreign dialogue replacement
  • Tighter foley and sound effects tracks

  • Music editing
  • Perfectly-aligned double-tracked vocals and/or instruments
  • Tighter and clearer backing vocals
  • Shorter overdub sessions
  • Easy re-grooving of recorded vocals for remixing
  • How does VocALign PRO Work

  • VocALign works by applying varying amounts of time stretching or compression to one signal (called the ‘Dub’) to make its energy peaks and troughs align in time with a ‘Guide’ signal. It does this in three main steps as shown in the block diagram below.

    Compatibility with popular DAWs
    A VocALign PRO 4 iLok License will let you run ALL versions of this software:

    Audio Suite and AAX Plug-ins work with:
  • Pro Tools 10 and lower: VocALign PRO 4 - Audio Suite
  • Pro Tools 11: VocALign PRO 4 - AAX

  • AU (Audio Units) Plug-in works with:
  • Logic Pro
  • Ableton Live
  • and other DAWs.

  • VST3 Plug-in works with:
  • Cubase and Nuendo
  • Studio One
  • FL Studio
  • and other DAWs
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    For more information about the VocAlign Pro 4, please visit the website of Synchro Arts
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