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The DA-98 is the world's only modular digital multitrack recorder to offer confidence monitoring capability. With confidence monitoring, you can verify the integrity of the material you print to tape during the mastering and layback process. This important function virtually eliminates the possibility of encountering mistakes after the fact. You'll also find the DA-98's Input Monitor switches to be a welcome addition for critical listening requirements. Positioned directly under each track's record select switch, these switches facilitate convenient checking of Source / Tape levels, and greatly simplify the process of alternating between the two signals.

As various recording facilities may use different reference levels, the DA-98's new switchable reference level capability is sure to be a welcome addition. Now you can set the reference level that suits your particular recording environment - and the DA-98 incorporates an internal tone generator for checking your settings!

By using the DA-98's electronic patchbay feature, you can route any input to any track at the touch of a button. This feature enables you to leave a mic preamp permanently attached to, let's say, input 1, yet route that signal to any track you want - freeing you from the tedious chore of constantly patching and re-patching. As a function of the electronic patchbay, you'll really come to depend upon the digital track copy feature. With the DA-98s digital track copy capability, musicians can easily assemble multiple takes from various tracks into a "best of" performance - entirely in the digital domain.

With it's numerous adjustable system parameters, you'll certainly appreciate all the visual feedback provided by the DA-98's new, comprehensive LCD display. This display, in tandem with the unit's dedicated function / numeric keys, make navigating the DA-98's operating system easier than ever.

Synchronization is not only robust and rock-solid on the new DA-98 - it's included as standard fare! The DA-98's synchronization capabilities include support for MIDI Machine Control and Sony P2 protocols. As an added benefit for integrating the DA-98 with other equipment, the unit also sports a 37 pin D-sub connector for establishing a parallel interface with an external device.

If you require easy access to your recorder, the optional RM-98 rackmount ear adapter is for you. Used in conjunction with the Accuride 200 series rail systems, the DA-98 can be easily pulled forward for a quick inspection - freeing you from the inconvenience of having to remove the unit from your equipment rack.

With all these features, the new TASCAM DA-98 doesn't forget where it comes from. You'll find full compatibility with both the DA-88 and DA-38. You can exchange tapes, interconnect any combination of machines and, of course, expand the DA-98 with any of the optional accessories such as the RC-848 remote controller, the MU-8824 24-channel meter bridge or the IF-88AE or IF88SD digital interfaces
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