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Tascam DM-3200

More channels. More inputs. The new TASCAM DM-3200 has more of everything that made the DM-24 a pedigreed studio workhorse. Plus an improved physical interface with per-channel multi-function LED ring encoders, more comprehensive DAW control, vastly improved routing flexibility, easier and robust data backup/ restore, greatly expanded mix storage using compact flash media and much more.

The DM-3200 features 32 full-featured channels and 16 returns for a total of 48 channels at mixdown ? even at its full 96kHz / 24-bit audio resolution. It has 4-band fully-parametric EQ and dynamics on every channel and two effects processors, each capible of running the built-in TC Works Reverb processor. Surround mixing is available with up to 6.1-channel panning, and the optional IF-SM/DM expansion card adds surround monitoring and downmixing to the DM-3200.

The DM-3200 provides a new way to record with DAW recording software. With the addition of an optional expansion card, the IF-FW/DM FireWire interface, the DM-3200 becomes a 24-channel computer audio interface, making it a complete studio solution for professional DAW recording. Built-in HUI and Mackie Control emulation allows the console to function as a flexible control surface for workstation software. This gives you the best of both worlds ? total control over your recording software transport and mixing capabilities with the cue mixing, talkback, microphone preamps and world-class automation provided by the DM-3200.

  • 32 channels and 16 auxiliary returns for 48 total inputs

  • 16 busses ? configurable as two 6.1 surround sends

  • 8 Aux Sends

  • 16 analog mic/line inputs with phantom power for condenser mics, analog inserts and -20dB pad switch

  • 24 channels of TDIF and 8 channels of ADAT built in

  • 2 expansion card slots support optional FireWire, ADAT, AES/EBU, Analog & TDIF cards

  • Dedicated cascade port supports cascade of two DM-3200s

  • Per channel LED ring encoders for pan, aux sends and EQ

  • Built-in DAW control

  • All inputs, effects and processing are available at 96kno features are sacrificed at full sampling rate

  • Transport controls control DAW, HDR or tape playback

  • Dedicated DAW control surface layer for Digidesign Pro Tools®, Cakewalk SONAR®, MOTU DP?, Apple Logic, Steinberg Cubase® and Nuendo®

  • Powerful automation with touch-sensitive motorized faders

  • 4-band parametric EQ and dynamics on each channel

  • 32-bit internal resolution with 64-bit EQ resolution

  • Two built-in effects processors include TC Works reverb processing

  • Flexible routing ? route from virtually any input to any output

  • Back up mix data to convenient Compact Flash media slot or to USB

  • Optional MU-1000 meter bridge

  • Stylish, professional design with rear panel I/O connections

  • TASCAM Mixer Companion software (Win XP/OSX) with:

  • - Driverless USB connection to computer
    - Backup/restore data via USB
    - On screen timecode, transport and meter displays

  • Maximum overall dimensions (w x d x h): 27.6" x 32.9" x 9.1"

  • (700mm x 836mm x 230mm)

  • Weight 52.8lbs (24kg)

  • Neumann KM 184 Stereo Set
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