TC Electronic Film 6000 MKII Mac & PC
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Special version of System 6000 MKII that is tailored for film production, offering all of the tools you need when creating and mixing audio for film.

When working with multichannel formats in film, it is absolutely key that your sense of space is consistent across channel formats.

Many reverbs will get more subtle, or almost seem to fade away, when going from 5.1 surround to stereo. This is not the case with the pristine reverbs of Film 6000 that appear equally vivid, realistic and crystal-clear whether in mono, stereo, 5.1, 7.1 or extreme multichannel formats like Auro and Dolby Atmos.

Tailored for Film
Starting in the 80's, we pioneered the field of digital audio and have provided the pro audio market with state-of-the-art tools ever since.

With Film 6000 we have collected all of the tools we know film creators use with System 6000. Capturing a visual moment perfectly is an accomplishment in itself, but true magic won't happen until you add audio. Film 6000 will help you create those amazing, epic, scary, sad, moving, hilarious, exciting, thoughtful, evocative moments for cinema and TV.

In other words, it has become even easier for you to find the right combination of tools for this legendary platform. We have simply gathered and pre-installed all the tools relevant for film production so the system is ready to perform right out of the box.

Dedicated Film Tools
Creating realistically sounding spaces is key in film production - and reverb is absolutely essential in making this happen. Film 6000 comes with 19 of the best reverb algorithms known to audio in stereo, surround and even unlimited multichannel versions.

Another essential tool is our legendary UnWrap HD, which has been used for more than a decade by virtually all major Hollywood studios for unfolding a stereo signal to 5.1 surround.

Further, loudness has also become an issue in film. Obviously, movies have to co-exist with other types of program material in broadcast, but also in cinema, loudness normalization is being recognized as a meaningful way of measuring audio. To make sure all needs are catered for, we have included our ITU-compliant LM6 Loudness Radar Meter as well as the TASA-compliant AM6 Annoyance Radar Meter.

Proven Platform
The hardware platform of Film 6000 has been tested intensively in the most demanding production environments since 1999.

You will find System 6000 in literally thousands of world-leading recording, film, post and mastering studios all over the world, and in quite a few OB vans and broadcast production studios as well.

The platform has won no less than three of the prestigious TEC Awards over the years. In 2000 for the original System 6000, in 2005 for Mastering 6000 and in 2010 for System 6000 MKII.


  • Tailored for Film Production: Born to Add Magic to Epic Moments on the Big Screen
  • Dedicated Film Tools: Pristine Reverbs, UnWrap HD, LM6 Loudness Radar Meter, AM6 Annoyance Radar Meter and More
  • System 6000 MKII Platform: The Audio Backbone of Thousands of Film and Music Studios Around the World
  • Specifications

    Display Type:
  • 6,5" TFT active matrix color LCD display
  • 640 x 480 pixels resolution
  • High luminance (300 cd/m2, typ.)

  • Touch screen:
  • Resistive, 20 gram activation force

  • Faders:
  • Six (6), 90mm motorized with touch sensitivity

  • Connection:
  • 36-pin MDR connection for Remote CPU 6000 MK II

  • Finish:
  • Natural color anodized aluminum. Stand plate in brushed stainless steel

  • Dimensions:
  • D x W x H front x Hback: 11 x 7.8 x 1.3 x 3.9 inches (279 x 198 x 33 x 100 mm)

  • Weight:
  • 5.56 Ib (2,51 kg)
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    Free shipping in Canada. Conditions
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