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TC Electronic LC6n

LCn Loudness Correct is your shortcut to loudness-normalized audio files targeted at any delivery platform you could ever think of. Surround plug-in.

You can use LCn either as a native Pro Tools plug-in or as a stand-alone version with watch folder capability for automatic batch-normalization of multiple audio files.

LCn is available for stereo or 5.1 surround - LC2n and LC6n respectively.

Precise Loudness Normalization
Today, hitting the right loudness target is essential whether you deliver for HDTV, Mobile TV, podcast, radio, iTunes, Spotify, etc.

LCn makes this as easy as clicking a button or dragging a file to a folder.

The plug-in version allows you to apply faster-than-real-time, two-pass, off-line processing in Pro Tools. In case you don't use Pro Tools, the complemantary stand-alone version that runs on PC and Mac makes sure you get the job done just perfectly.

Stand-Alone App w/ Watch Folder Capability
A key functionality in the LCn stand-alone version is the dedicated watch folder capability that allows you to simply drag and drop your audio files into a user-defined folder for fast and easy loudness normalization and true peak limiting.

You can even paste multiple audio files into the watch folder, making the LCn a highly efficient loudness batch processor.

The watch folder feature not only works on your local computer but also across networks, allowing you to loudness normalize audio files from any computer on the network.

Mastering-Grade True Peak Limiter
True peak limiting is an essential part of normalizing to loudness, and our mastering-grade Brickwall 2 True Peak Limiter is an integrated part of LCn - complete with various true peak limiter profiles and linking functionality.

You can now be absolutely certain that your material will pass the ingest stage on both loudness and true peak targets, virtually eliminating the risk of having yourr content rejected.

If you deliver to multiple platforms such as HD TV and Mobile TV, it is essential to be able to hit two very different loudness targets. In that process a true peak limiter is absolutely key and with Brickwall 2 handling the peaks, audio quality is always kept at its finest.
  • Precise Loudness Normalization for Pro Tools, Integrate Consistent Loudness in Your Workflow.
  • Stand-Alone App w/ Watch Folder Capability, Automatically Batch-Normalize Multiple Audio Files.
  • Mastering-Grade True Peak Limiter, Integrated Legendary Brickwall 2 True-Peak Limiter.
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