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TC Electronic LM1n

Our native LM1n Loudness Meter plug-in is an addition to a growing range of loudness and meter plug-ins, and provides you with the all-important basics in loudness metering.

If you need to deliver content that complies with a certain broadcast standard, LM1n is your perfect solution, whether you work with audio or video and no matter what platform you need to deliver for.

In short, you get max simplicity and great-sounding results that will not be rejected when you deliver content for broadcast.

Let the Arrows Guide You
The two arrows in the Programm Loudness section indicate in which direction you should go - and to which degree.
If both arrows are green as in the example to the right, you are good to go.
Your Program Loudness level is within target, and no further adjustments are necessary.
  • Max Simplicity, Great-Sounding Results
  • Compliant with All Loudness Standards
  • Runs in Any DAW
  • Off-Line Measuring in Pro Tools
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