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Telex TR-800
Telex TR-800
Sennheiser EM500 G2 & SKM565 G2
Sennheiser EM500 G2 & SKM565 G2
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Telex BTR-800

Two channel UHF frequency agile wireless intercom system with two intercom channel access from each of four full duplex beltpacks, stage announce output with relay closure, wireless talk around (ISO), Enhanced ClearScan™, talk/listen headset station at the base, and much, much more. Combine all of that with an easy-to-use graphical user interface that lets you get started right out of the box, and you've got the most innovative and versatile wireless intercom ever made. But features aren't the only story.

The BTR-800 wireless intercom is a serious performer too. With technology leaps like Intelligent Power Control™, combination tone code/RF noise squelch and DSP digital audio processing, this is one wireless intercom that sounds great, even at a great distance! The BTR-800 is fully compatible with Telex, RTS and Clear-Com hardwired communications systems right out of the box. If your application requires the highest performance and utmost reliability, you need the new Telex Radiocom BTR-800 wireless intercom system.

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