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Toft Audio Designs
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Toft Audio Designs ATB-16MB Meter Bridge

The ATB-16MB from Toft Audio Designs is a meter bridge accessory for the 16-channel Series ATB Version 2.1 console and the older Pilot and Legacy versions of the Series ATB console. Adding a meter bridge greatly improves the functionality of your console for any production task. It's easy to install, and all of the parts needed to do so for the Version 2.1 and older ATB consoles are included.

When you connect the direct outputs of a DAW (digital audio workstation) to your console, the ATB-16MB meter bridge will greatly enhance your analog mixer's usefulness when recording and mixing in the digital realm. Because the ATB consoles have monitoring capabilities in every channel, you can connect the direct outputs of your computer audio interface into the balanced monitor inputs on your ATB. With this set up you can monitor everything that you record and playback on your DAW with the ATB-16MB meter bridge.

Toft Audio Designs ATB-16MB Meter Bridge's features

  • Greatly enhances your console's usage in DAW recording and mixing
  • Enables you to monitor the playback and recording channels of your DAW
  • Easy installation on the Toft Audio ATB Version 2.1 Console
  • Compatible with older Pilot and Legacy versions of the Series ATB console
  • Parts included for installation on both the ATB Version 2.1 and Pilot and Legacy versions

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