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The Tree Audio The Trunk is a 2-channel valve / hybrid monitor console and stereo buss processor which can be used to warm up your 2-buss.

The Tree Audio The Trunk offers a choice of three monitor inputs with a sub input, talkback with mic XLR in, mono sum. Additional inputs include RCA phono, aux inputs and Digital. Source selection includes Stereo Buss,2 Track 1 and 2 Track 2. Two big VU metres are included to display output level.

The Trunk is useful for engineers thanks to the possibility to use the Stereo Buss inputs to warm up your mix for better glue, but also to audiophiles who will enjoy the additional warmth that the valves will provide in the chain.


  • Valve Monitor controller
  • Speaker selector with Sub selection
  • Mute
  • Mono Sum
  • Source selector A: BUSS stereo, 2 Track 1, 2 Track 2
  • Source selector B: Phono, Digital, Auxiliary
  • Talkback and external mic input
  • Custom wound input and output transformers
  • Hybrid phono input and headphone output
  • External all vacuum tube fully regulated 300 vdc power supply
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