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IORL is the first full-size quick-change coupler designed specifically for photo, video, film and lighting support.

IORL enables instant hardware swaps, replacing tedious threaded screw and hole connections. IORL provides a faster, more secure, hassle-free method of connecting lights, flashes and modifiers to C-Stands and booms with no spin out.

IO-RL Lighting Stud Quick-Change Couplers are designed to connect professional lights to lighting stands and mounting hardware. IORL retrofits to conventional C-stands and lighting mounts and provides instant IO quick-change compatibility.

Triad-Orbit offers two IOH Hex Mounting Heads specifically for professional lighting applications: .IOH5 IO standard lighting stud (5/8") with 1/4"20 mounting thread. .IOH6 IO 'Baby Pin' lighting stud with 5/8" diameter pin. * Both feature a flat side stud for 'no spin' mounting and notched stainless steel IO hex shaft for added weight handling capacity.

Equip all your lights and modifiers with TriadOrbit IOH5 hex mounting heads for instant quick-change mounting to IORL. IORL pays for itself with time saved during set changes.


Weight: 1 lbs
Dimensions: 12 x 6 x 3 in

Product Length: 17 cm. / 6.75 in.
Product Weight: 0.1 kg. / 0.25 lb.
GTIN (UPC/EAN) : 813985003481
Manufacturer Part Number : IO-RL



Save 16.5%, MSRP $79.00
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