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Vintech Audio 273

The Vintech Audio 273 is a discrete Class A stereo preamp based on the classic Neve 1073. All discrete, transformer balanced and up to 70 dB gain.

The 273 also has simple EQ on each channel, 'reductive or additive' per hi or low shelf. Great for brightening, dulling, thinning or making the sound fatter during tracking. See our X73i review to see how we felt about this unit (again has the same preamp as the X73i with just more limited EQ'ing choices).
Daryl Thisdelle
Woodtsock New Brunswick
June 17, 2018
Vintech 273
I have been wanting the Vintech 473 or the 273 for many years. I finally settled on the 273. I am so glad I now have it in my rack. Very solidly built with a sound to back up it's construction. Very articulate and in your face if you want it to. Love the input and output options on this pre. I find with those options i can tame the beast or let it out and let it run wild. It is very true to the sound you put though it no matter if pushed hard it just gets louder. Now that I have it in my rack it has found a home for life. I put through my Roland D-12's and what a job it did. It captured all of the sounds. Of course bass guitar through this sounds really nice, big sound if you want it. This pre will give you what you want and more. I was quite surprised on how well it did on acoustic guitar, keep it under control and it performs admirably for sure. This pre I am glad I now own..Quite impressed with it. It also loves growl.
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