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Warm Audio WA76

The WA76 Discrete Compressor is a modern reproduction of the Classic '76 Revision D.

The WA76 has a fully discrete signal path and uses the original Reichenbach Engineering's (now CineMag) transformer design. The classic '76 was a major breakthrough in limiter technology, and used on hundreds of hit records since its inception. Engineers have craved the ultra-fast attack time and trademark sound of the '76 for decades, and now it is finally affordable!
  • True to the Classic '76 compressor in design and performance
  • Completely discrete signal path
  • Modeled after the D revision
  • Utilizes USA made CINEMAG input and output transformers
  • Supports the famous "all buttons in" ratio setting
  • Ultra fast attack time
  • Class A line level output amplifier
  • Input impedance - 600 ohms, bridges-T control (floating)
  • Frequency Response ± 1 dB 20 Hz to 20kHz
  • XLR and TRS inputs. XLR and TRS outputs
  • 50db of gain
  • Less than 0.4% total harmonic distortion from 50 Hz to 20 kHz with limiting
  • Signal to noise ratio is greater than 74 dB at +25 dBm
  • EIN -104.1 dbm
  • Attack time, 20 microseconds to 800 microseconds
  • Release time, 50 milliseconds to 1 second
  • Meter provides dB gain reduction and dB output
  • Internal power supply, external 24v AC power transformer
  • 19 Rackmount chassis, 2U
  • Reviews
    October 3, 2018
    Sounds good. Quality ain't.
    The sound is good. It can be used professionally. James Taylor used it for vocals and acoustic. Enough said. But mine has died, after only 2 hours use total. Sounded great. This is the problem with build quality. This is why I take other gear to more serious situations because the warm gear, though not bad sounding, is just not built well. I WISH IT WAS . I have an Aurora Audio GTQ2. That is built well. Like a tank. You could fight off a gang on ninjas and go record without fear.
    Fusion Head
    Victoria, BC
    March 30, 2016
    1176 performance at affordable price
    Had heard good things about Warm Audio products in terms of delivering high quality at relatively low prices, and almost all reviews of WA76 were very positive. Have not used an original 1176, but have used modelled plug-ins and the WA76 performs in a familiar way but with additional character. Seems to add a nice upper midrange boost of warmth that will help vocals, snare, etc. cut through a mix. So far, very impressed and Studio Economik is great to deal with.
    Fred Michaud
    January 7, 2016
    Je ne peux plus m'en passer!
    J'ai 2 de ces compresseurs depuis 1 an et les trouve parfaits!!! Je m'amuse souvent à faire un A/B avec le plugin et à chaque fois je trouve que c'est exactement ce qui fait la différence.... Du vrai gear, du bon gear. Je l'ai essayé sur toutes sortes de trucs mais sur un drum, c'est le top!! Sur mon snare et sur mon room (royer r-101) en mode "smash" c'est de la bombe.

    Seul petit bemol, le cable du power supply.......wwwououaaarrkk, chaque fois que je le débranche, j'ai peur qu'il brise!!!
    June 27, 2015
    Just awesome!!
    Great sound, great unit! Customer service was great to. I placed an order and they called me the next day and then bam it was shipped and at my house in 2 days. Warm audio is amazing for the price. Just because it's cheap-er doesn't mean the units lack in quality or sound. I a/b this on a vocal I was was using in my newest track and this thing just killed it!! Brought the vocal right up front and sounds sweet. Thanks warm audio and thanks studio economic! Next is the warm audio pultec!
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