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Weiss A1

API 500 Series Microphone / Line Amplifier and De-Esser

The A1 is an API 500 series module which contains four audio signal processing blocks:

- Microphone preamplifer
- High-pass filter
- De-esser
- Level control and output line driver

Weiss A1's features

The A1 has several front-panel controls which allow precise parameter setting for the signal processing blocks:

- Microphone preamplifier gain rotary switch
- +48V phantom power switch
- 24 dB pad switch
- High-pass filter frequency and bypass switch
- De-esser frequency potentiometer
- De-esser bandwidth potentiometer
- De-esser threshold potentiometer
- De-esser bypass and listen switches
- Output level potentiometer
- Polarity switch
- "Listen" switch to simplify zooming in on offending sibilances

Eight additional DIP switches are accessible when the module is not fitted to an API series 500 rack. These allow further control of the static and dynamic de-esser parameters. Five light-emitting diodes (LEDs) indicate both audio level and de-esser action.

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