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Whirlwind 5.1PA Precision Attenuator
The Whirlwind 5.1PA system is an extremely accurate, sonically pure, six channel precision attenuator. The 5.1PA was designed to provide precise, repeatable, multichannel volume adjustments in the post production editing environment. The level of all channels track symmetrically in 0.5 dBV increments, allowing the user to vary the listening volume and perfectly maintain the surround image. In addition to the single knob multichannel level control, the 5.1PA system offers a multitude of switching functions that allow the operator to mix seamlessly with different speaker combinations and compare different aspects of the surround mix in real time. The 5.1PA has two sets of outputs and can be configured to control two separate sets of 5.1 speaker systems for comparison purposes, or configured for one 5.1 speaker arrangement and two pair of stereo speakers to accommodate both surround and stereo mixing.
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