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Wunder Audio CM50

The Wunder Audio CM50 Tube Microphone comes with the original Spherical capsule. "Simply one of the most wonderful sounding room mics in the world.

" The CM50 represents the pinnacle in a revered line of microphones that stretches back to the very earliest days of the Pro Audio. The inspiration is classic, the execution is cutting-edge. We have successfully recreated the small pressure transducer (similar to the capsule for the KM series microphones) embedded in the surface of a 40 mm diameter Lucite sphere.

This unique capsule creates a gradual "presence rise" in the microphone's on-axis frequency response. Yielding a rather substantial 8 dB on-axis peak at high frequencies. This affect can be discerned in the midrange and more increasingly so at higher frequencies. There is relatively no effect at low frequencies since the sphere is smaller than low frequency wavelengths.

These effects enable the CM50 to be placed at considerably greater distances from the sound source than regular omni mics thus picking up more ambience in the lows and midrange while maintaining focus in the "Air" region and at higher frequencies. The result is a stunningly clear recording recording ordinarily not possible at these distances.

The CM 50 can placed far enough from the source that the distances to the nearest and farthest instruments will be perceived exactly as an audience experiences them, where the relative loudness, arrival time and the clarity of the instruments will be in precise balance with each other.

Package includes: CM50, Tweed case, Yoke Mount, Historical Power supply, Original Large Tuchel Bayonet connected mic cable.
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