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Wunder Audio CM67

The Wunder Audio CM67 is a multi pattern, large-diaphragm condenser microphone with a classic tube-and transformer topology.

The K67 capsule, which since 1960 has become the most common and most copied condenser capsule in the world, utilizes a two-piece back plate, allowing the diaphragms to be tuned individually and then matched for equivalent response.

The CM67 is perfect for vocals where a smoother sound is desired as the 67s are prized for their "warmth". The CM67 is excellent for drums (kick, snare, overheads, room) and guitar amp mics. Because it has a very nice top and bottom, and being very natural in the way it brings out the best from any source, the CM67 is a serious pro studio workhorse.
Package includes: CM67, K67 capsule, vintage Telefunken EF86 tube, Plush Oak Microphone Box, Newly Designed Wunder Audio Power Supply, shock mount, Tuchel microphone cable, Tweed Carrying Case.
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For more information about the CM67, please visit the website of Wunder Audio
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