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Mono limiter/compressor module with Marinair transformer, diode bridge design and bus compression mode

The influential and revered classic - compact.
Compact yet extremely powerful, the 2264ALB pushes the classic design into the modern age. Discrete Class A/B circuitry, custom-designed Marinair transformers, and unique diode bridge design make this processor, with independent compressor and limiter circuitry, unmatched.

Marinair Transformers
The 2264ALB uses exclusive Marinair specification transformers on the input, bridge-driver, sidechain, and output stages to produce analogue characters throughout.

Diode-Bridge Design
The 2264 compressor, designed in 1974 by Rupert Neve and his Engineers, used pioneering diode-bridge circuitry to achieve analogue compression. This unique design produces smooth yet exact compression curves. The 2264ALB characteristic compression ratio kicks in at 6dB above the threshold point, allowing transients to smooth over the threshold point, reducing overall distortion.

Discrete Class A/B Circuitry
This compact unit faithfully maintains the classic A/B circuit design from the classic 2264, using original architecture and through-hole wiring for the necessary audio circuitry.

Independent Limiter Circuit
The 2264ALB's compressor and limiter use independent circuitry and controls. This unique layout layers two distinct dynamic processors, such as a hard limiter and soft compressor, on top of each other to create unique compression curves - specifically tailored to your music.

True Bypass Switching
When the bypass switch is activated, the input terminals are connected directly to the output terminals, allowing for true-bypassing of signals when A/B'ing the compressor/limiter.

Dual Auto Recovery
The 2264ALB features a user-settable release time and two automatic recovery times. The auto-recovery options, A1 & A2, work depending on the program material, with isolated peaks benefitting from a rapid recovery time, while long swells are treated with slower recovery.

PPM Ballistic Metering
6-stage LED metering displays overall gain reduction from -2dB to -20dB, achieved using PPM-scale ballistics.

Audio Processing Insert Design
The 2264ALB's audio processing insert design allows the compressor to be added as an insert into a 1073LB, or a 1073LB & 1073LBEQ signal path, placed before the 1073LB's output transformer " create your custom channel strip.

Stereo/Group Linking
Multiple adjacent or non-adjacent 2264ALB's housed in the same 500 series chassis can be linked together using the link function. When activated, all compressors in the group will share the same control voltage bus for their threshold trigger. In this mode, all compressors form a dynamic group with no ?master' in the chain; whichever compressor receives the loudest analogue input becomes the group threshold trigger at any given moment.

Bus Compression Mode
To bring the 2264 Classic up-to-date, the 2264ALB includes a slow attack feature. When two 2264ALB's are paired & linked together, the slow attack feature enables ideal bus compression attack speeds to add glue to any mix.
  • Classic mono Limiter/Compressor, available in a 500-series format
  • Transformer-coupled circuits used in Input, Bridge-driver, Side-chain and Output stages
  • Independent Limiter and Compressor IN/OUT selectors
  • BYPASS switch connects input terminals directly to output terminals
  • Slow Attack switch changes between classic 2264A attack settings and new Slow Attack setting for buss compression work
  • Digital LED meter with approximate PPM ballistics indicates 0dB to 20dB of gain reduction
  • Audio Processing Insert design allows the audio to/from the 2264ALB module to be inserted into the audio path of an existing 1073LB module (modules must be fitted in the same 500-series rack)
  • Compatible 500-series rack/enclosure with Power Supply and line-level input/output connectors required, not supplied.
  • Audio Performance
  • Input : 10Kohms Bridging, balanced & earth free
  • Output : Maximum output into 600ohms 26dBm, balanced & earth free
  • Gain : nominally 0dBm
  • Noise : 20Hz - 20kHz < -75dBm with no gain applied, -55dBm with +20 make-up gain added
  • Frequency Response : +/-0.5dB 20Hz-20kHz
  • Distortion : < 0.05%

  • Parameters
  • Limit threshold : variable from +dBm to +15dBm
  • Limit Ratio : no less than 100:1
  • Limit attack time : 4ms
  • Limit recovery time : 50ms/100ms/200ms/800ms/Auto 1 (100ms/2sec)/Auto 2 (50ms/5sec)
  • Compression ratio : 1.5:1/2:1/3:1/ 4:1/6:1
  • Compression threshold : variable from -20dBm to +10dBm
  • Compression attack time : 3ms (normal) 10ms (slow attack)
  • Compression recovery time : 100ms/400ms/800ms/1.5sec/Auto 1 (100ms/2sec)/Auto 2 (50ms/5sec)

  • Dimensions
  • Height : 132mm (5.25 inches)
  • Width : 38mm (1.5 inches)
  • Depth : 145mm (5.75 inches)
  • Weight : 1.1Kg (2.42 pounds)
  • 5.0
    April 28, 2021
    I Like It
    I used it alot for vocal recording and mixing. It really rounds the vocals in a nice fashion. You can push it alot (6-8 Db of GR) and still sound good. It dosent break as digital often does. 10/10
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