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Elysia Xfilter 500
The Elysia xfilter 500 is a true linked stereo EQ in the 500 series format that gives you the expensive sound of an all class-A equalizer in a surprisingly affordable package. The xfilter 500 is... View more
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$1175.00 (Special)

Save $120.00, Regular $1295.00
API 550B
Discrete 500 Series 3 band EQ with an additional filter band and several new frequencies Based on API's original 550 from the late '60s, the API 550b is a continuation of the EQ that played a major... View more
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$1495.00 (Special)

Save $165.00, Regular $1660.00
Standard Audio Level-Or MK2
500 series limiter / distortion processor, Silver faceplate After 10 years of production and over 1,000 units sold, Stand Audio have decided that it is time to release a new version of the Level-Or... View more
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$727.00 (Special)

Save $81.00, Regular $808.00
Standard Audio Stretch
500 series, multi-band dynamics unit inspired by classic tape noise reduction circuits Stretch emulates the sound of these classic units in their respective "encode" modes. However, the Stretch adds... View more
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$891.00 (Special)

Save $94.00, Regular $985.00
Spectra 1964 STX 500
The STX 500 is the rebirth of the Model 500 2-band passive equalizer. The STX 500 has four frequency selections per band and up to 12dB of boost/cut in 2dB increments This passive EQ becomes the... View more
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$924.00 (Special)

Save $102.00, Regular $1026.00
Buzz Audio Essence
Essence is an optical compressor for 500 series. A versatile mono compressor for 500 series frames with unique features including our famous opto sound. control genius. The Essence attack & release... View more
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$1045.00 (Special)

Save $55.00, Regular $1100.00
Buzz Audio Tonic
Tonic is a 3 band eq for 500 series. A simple but incredibly useful inductor based Class A equalizer for 500 Series racks. Audio path qualities. As with the other 500 Series modules in this range,... View more
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$925.00 (Special)

Save $40.00, Regular $965.00
Solid State Logic 500 Series G Comp Stereo Bus Compressor
Stereo bus compressor with 6 ratio settings and 5 release settings for 500 series racks Glueing mixes together for 40+ years. The legendary sound of the SSL Stereo Bus Compressor has been glueing... View more
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$1759.00 (Special)

Save $1520.00, Regular $3279.00
Solid State Logic 500-series E-Dyn Dynamics Module
E-Series dynamics module with compressor, limiter, expander, and gate for 500 series racks The E Series Dynamics Module for 500 Series racks reproduces the legendary sonic signature of an early. 80's... View more
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$949.00 (Special)

Save $430.00, Regular $1379.00
Solid State Logic 500-series UltraViolet Fusion Stereo Equaliser
Stereo 4-band equalizer module for 500 series racks Sculpt instruments, enhance busses and fine-tune masters. ULTRAVIOLET Stereo Equaliser (UV EQ) takes the acclaimed minimum phase-shift Violet... View more
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$679.00 (Special)

Save $1200.00, Regular $1879.00
AMS Neve 1073LBEQ
1073 3-band EQ module, hi pass filter, for the 500 series racks Launched in 1970, the original Neve 1073 module is perhaps the world's most famous and desirable microphone preamp and EQ for recording... View more
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Analog compressor with the original ATI Paragon Console compressor circuit re-engineered for the 500 series format with variable Threshold, Ratio, and Make-up Gain controls The API Select SV12... View more
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Save 5%, MSRP $803.00
Pultec EQP-500X
The Pultec EQP-500X is a 500 series program equalizer with API 2520 Gain Stage The Pultec EQP-500X brings the sound of the classic 19" 2U rack mountable EQP-1A3-SS and EQP-153-SS into your 500 series... View more
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Shadow Hills Industries Dual Vandergraph
The Shadow Hills Dual Vandergraph is a direct descendant of the Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor and maintains its reputation of unquestionable quality and exceptional performance It's inner... View more
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Save 18.2%, MSRP $4460.00
WesAudio _RHEA
Fully analog, stereo vari-mu tube compressor with digital recall Since digital footprint became part of the modern age, analog flavor was demanded more than ever. It is hard to imagine more musical... View more
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Solid State Logic 500-series E-EQ Equaliser Module
Mono 4-band parametric equalizer module with dual-mode design for 500 series racks Loved by Generations of Professional Producers. The E-Series EQ 500 series module reproduces the legendary sonic... View more
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$949.00 (Special)

Save $430.00, Regular $1379.00
WesAudio _dione
NG500/500 Series stereo bus compressor with digital recall, USB connection and 100% analog signal path THAT 2181 VCA. First and most important point - _DIONE is 100% analog device with +24dBu of... View more
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Maag Audio EQ4-500
Series 500, 6-band equalizer with Air Band The Maag Audio EQ4 (500 Series) is a one channel 6 band equalizer with AIR BAND (shelf boost from 2.5 to 40kHz), compatible with the API 500-6B lunchbox and... View more
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Save 8.5%, MSRP $1343.00
Millennia NSEQ-HF
High frequency peaking/shelving section of the industry-standard NSEQ-4 in a 500 Series module Thousands upon thousands of professional engineers use the discrete JFET Class A NSEQ parametric EQ in... View more
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Save 9.9%, MSRP $1032.00
500 series double-slot module for stereo stage processing BiG is special. BiG is unique.. BiG enlarges the stereo image in a new manner and opens up new creative ways of sound shaping. Intuitive with... View more
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Retro Instruments Doublewide MKII
Successor to the original Doublewide tube compressor featuring faster attack and release time, advanced stereo linking capabilities, and improved signal -just like the original Retro DOUBLEWIDE... View more
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Save 11.4%, MSRP $1820.00
Rupert Neve Designs 542
The ultimate "color box". As a 500-series follow-up to the Portico 5042, the 542 delivers the same thick, musical simulation of tape while drastically enhancing creative control. In addition to the... View more
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Save 15.4%, MSRP $1299.00
Elysia Xpressor 500
The Elysia xpressor 500 is an extremely versatile stereo compressor available in API's 500 series format. Best of elysia You got it! With its many unique features taken from our flagship products,... View more
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API 527A
VCA based 500 Series compressor/limiter, improved version of the API 527 The API 527A Compressor/Limiter takes its place alongside the family of API VCA based compressors, including the 225L... View more
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Save 5%, MSRP $1613.00
API 550A
Discrete 500 Series 3 band EQ with API fully discrete circuit design Few equalizers enjoy the respect and admiration of the coveted API 550A. Designed by the now-legendary Saul Walker in the late... View more
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Save 17.9%, MSRP $1613.00
AMS Neve 2264ALB
Mono limiter/compressor module with Marinair transformer, diode bridge design and bus compression mode The influential and revered classic - compact.. Compact yet extremely powerful, the 2264ALB... View more
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WesAudio _Mimas
NG500/500 Series 1176-style compressor with digital recall and 100% analog signal path Since year 1968 this style of compression dominated hundreds of recordings and to this day it is most commonly... View more
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Crane Song Falcon
The Crane Song Falcon is a fully featured classic sounding tube compressor in a 500 series package. FALCON features 3 attack and 3 release time settings, hard and soft knee choices for compression or... View more
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H2 Audio 5011
EQ section from the 0011 in a 500 series package featuring an electronically balanced input and transformer balanced output with amp circuit, inductor based LF/MF EQ section with selectable LF and MF... View more
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Save 10.3%, MSRP $1653.00
Elysia Karacter 500
Discrete Class-A stereo saturator in a 500 Series format The karacter 500 is a box full of vibrant colors. It covers a complete spectrum including mastering-grade saturation, tube-inspired distortion... View more
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