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Active subwoofer with ajustable gain, low pass frequency, polarity and phase settings

Bring professional quality sound engineering into your home with the C4 Sub Mk2. This subwoofer is designed and built without compromise and delivers new standards of clarity in the lowest four octaves, enhancing the audio experience for music and film devotees.
  • Proprietry dedicated sub bass driver
  • On-board 300W Mosfet Class A/B Amplifier
  • Ideal Partner to SCM19, SCM20, SCM40, SCM50 & SCM100
  • Variable Low Pass Filter
  • Ajustable Gain, Low Pass Frequency, Polarity and Phase Settings
  • Stereo, Home Cinema and AV applications compatible
  • Hand-built in England
  • Drive Unit - Bass: 1 x SS75-314SC 8Ohm
  • Low Frequency Cut-of f: 22Hz (-6dB, half space, low pass f ilter set at 80Hz).
  • Low Pass Filters: 50Hz, 65Hz, 80Hz, 320Hz. (-6dB, 4th order Linkwitz Riley).
  • MaxSPL: 110dB continuous, 116dB peak (IEC Weighted Pink Noise, 1m, half space, low pass filter @ 80Hz).
  • Sensitivity: +4dBu ref. 88dBC (single channel driven, Gain +6dB, Level 0dB, pink noise, low pass filter @ 80Hz).

  • Amplifier type: Grounded Source MOSFET based Class A-B, convection cooled.
  • Output Power: 300W in to 8?.
  • THD+N: <0.003%/-90dB, at 100Hz, 300W into 8Ohm over 90kHz bandwidth.
  • Balanced Inputs: 2 x Rear Panel Mounted Female XLR, pin 2 hot.
  • Input CMRR: 90dB at 200Hz.
  • Input Impedance: 20kOhm (differential).
  • Balanced Outputs: 2 x Rear Panel Mounted Male XLR, pin 2 hot.
  • Output Impedance: 100? (differential).
  • Frequency Response: <2Hz (-3dB) - 320Hz (-6dB, set by panel-controlled LP filter).
  • Low Pass Filters: 4th Order Linkwitz Riley
  • Gain Control: 0, +6dB, +10dB.
  • Level Control: 0dB -11dB in 1dB steps. Total range 21dB with use of Gain switch.
  • Phase Control: 0 -180° ref. Input.
  • Polarity Control: In-phase/Out-of-phase ref. Input.
  • Limiter: ATC Active FET Momentary Gain Reduction.
  • Sensitivity: 1.55Vrms for full power (single channel driven, Gain 0dB, Level 0dB)
  • Mains Input: 220-230V or 115V " Factory set. Please observe panel markings and labels!
  • Power Consumption: Idle 8W/14VA. 1/8th Power 170W/230VA. Full Power 500W/600VA.
  • Additional: Mute via 1/4" / 6 .35mm Jack socket , controlled via latching footswitch*.
  • * Footswitch supplied separately, latching type, ¼"/6.35mm jack connection.

  • Net Weight: 42kg / 92.6lbs
  • Dimensions: HxWxD 568x464x500mm 22 15/16" x 18 1/4" x 19 11/16"
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