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The Bag End ID-18PRO is a self powered professional subwoofer system employing bass management, hi pass filtered outputs, a sealed front firing 18" cone loudspeaker.

The ID-18PRO is driving a 400 watt power amplifier providing a flat acoustical response down to 8 Hertz. Six inputs allow the combining of all the bass information on 5.1 surround programs and 2 level controls and a 10dB attenuator provide relative adjustment of the bass information from the 5 full range channels and the dedicated low frequency effect channel. 5 hi pass line level filtered outputs are provided for the upper range loudspeakers and a line level INFRA output is provided for additional INFRA bass speakers. Internally set Dynamic Filter protection maintains undistorted audio reproduction under accidental overload conditions. A remote indicator module is provided and may be placed in a convenient visible location to indicate the dynamic filter protection threshold has been reached.


  • Laboratory Reference System
  • Recording Studio and Mastering
  • Installed Audio-Visual Systems
  • Film and Video Post Production
  • Screening Room Facilities
  • Reference Home Listening Systems
  • Spécifications

    Input Configuration: 6 Balanced XLR female line level
    Output Configuration: 5 Balanced hi-pass XLR male line level, 1 Balanced INFRA XLR male line level
    I-Pass Filter Frequency: - 3 dB @ 130 Hz/-6 dB @ 95 Hz
    Hi Pass Filter Slope: 12 dB/octave
    Hi Pass Gain: Unity
    INFRA Output Mode: Sum of all inputs
    INFRA Module: 8 Hz dual integrator
    INFRA Frequency Response: ±3 dB 8 Hz to 95 Hz (2p Steradians), INFRA system -6 dB frequency 95 Hz (not adjustable)
    INFRA Level Control: Adjustable level control and 10 dB attenuator on Input F
    INFRA Cutoff Frequency: 8 Hz or 20 Hz
    INFRA Overload Protection: Preset threshold Dynamic Filter circuitry
    RTI: Remote Threshold Indictor Threshold exceeded indication red LED
    Amplifier Output Power: 400 Watts continuous sine wave
    Fuse: 6.3 Amp GDC time-lag
    Low Frequency Transducer: EL-18P 18" Cone
    Magnetic Shield: Low flux leakage
    Enclosure: 3/4" MDF
    Finish: Black textured paint
    Grille: Black nylon cloth on frame
    Dimensions: 23.5"h x 21.25"w x 18.25"d, 59.7cm x 54cm x 46.4cm
    Weight: 92 lbs. - 41.73 kg
    Shipping Dimensions: 29.35" x 26.5" x 23.25", 74.5cm x 67.3cm x 59.1cm
    Shipping Weight: 104 lbs. - 47.1 kg
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