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The JERO microphone enables high-quality immersive 360º sound field recording.

The JERO microphone is an immersive microphone. It enables the recording of multichannel audio in 360º on a horizontal plain. This extremely light and discrete microphone uses a MS inverted configuration. It is easily added to cardioid or hypercardioid microphones on the boom to record spatialized sound.

JERO microphone is user-friendly and easily adapted to most of the windscreens. It is flexible and ergonomic facilitating on location sound recording.

JERO microphone enables surround sound recording for immersive 360º audiovisual systems. It's perfect for documentary and musical recordings.
JERO microphone technical specifications:
  • 1 bidirectional microphone S
  • 1 cardioid microphone R
  • 2 x 48 volt Phantom power
  • Frequency response: 100 Hz to 17 kHz, more and less 2 dB.
  • Maximum input level 136 SPL
  • Sensitivity: - 41 dB more and less at 1 kHz.
  • s/n 78 dB to 1kHz
  • Output connector: 1 XLR7 male
  • Input connector: 1 XLR3 female
  • Weight with XLR7 and XLR3: 49 grammes

  • JERO microphone kit contains :
  • JERO microphone with 2 output connectors
  • an XLR3-F for the M microphone
  • an XLR7 male connector
  • a support for the XLR7 connector and the boom
  • a flexible male-female XLR7 cable for the boom (5 meters)
  • a female XLR7 cable to male 3XLR3 (50 cm)
  • an airtight box for an easy storage of the microphone
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