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Portable digital film camera with 4/3 size sensor, 13 stops of dynamic range and dual native ISO up to 25,600 for HDR images and incredible low light performance

Introducing the Next Generation Handheld Digital Film Cameras!
Dramatically improve the production value of your work by upgrading to digital film! Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera is better than a simple video camera because it has professional features allowing you to create the same "look" as Hollywood feature films. The combination of high dynamic range, great low light performance and Blackmagic RAW gives you feature film images with precise skin tones and gorgeous organic colors. You get advanced features such as 4K, 6K G2 or 6K Pro models, large 5" LCD for easy focus, SD card and CFast media, external USB-C media disk recording, EF or MFT lens mounts and more! DaVinci Resolve Studio is also included for editing, color correction, audio post and VFX!

Shoot Anything in up to 6K
Get the "Hollywood Look"with Digital Film!
Pocket Cinema Camera has the professional features you need for feature film, television programming and documentaries, however now these same features can be used to revolutionize other types of work such as blog videos, YouTube content and more. You get the same features found on expensive digital film cameras, allowing capture of deeper colors, higher image detail and a wider dynamic range between the brightest highlights and deepest shadows. It's the reason why feature films look so amazing and now you can get the same high end production values for any kind of work. Imagine getting film quality on independent film, music videos, weddings, corporate videos, documentaries and more!

Lightweight Carbon Fiber Polycarbonate Composite
The elegant design of the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera packs an incredible number of high end digital film features into a miniaturized, handheld design. Made from lightweight carbon fiber polycarbonate composite, the camera features a multifunction handgrip with all controls for recording, ISO, WB and shutter angle right at your fingertips. Because it's an advanced digital film camera, the sensor is designed to reduce thermal noise allowing cleaner shadows and higher ISO. Plus the large 5 inch LCD makes it possible to get perfect focus at 4K and 6K resolutions. You also get a removable battery door, 4 shock proof microphones, heavy duty lens mount and built in speaker.
  • 6144 x 3456 Super 35 high resolution HDR sensor
  • Dual native ISO
  • EF lens mount
  • Direct recording to USB'C disks
  • Adjustable HDR touchscreen
  • Built in ND filters
  • Larger battery
  • Effective Sensor Size
    18.96mm x 10mm (Four Thirds)

    Lens Mount
    Active MFT mount.

    Lens Control
    Iris, focus and zoom on supported lenses.

    Dynamic Range
    13 Stops.

    Dual Native ISO
    400 and 3200

    Shooting Resolutions
    4096 x 2160 (4K DCI) up to 60 fps
    4096 x 1720 (4K 2.4:1) up to 75 fps
    3840 x 2160 (Ultra HD) up to 60 fps
    2880 x 2160 (2.8K anamorphic) up to 80 fps
    2688 x 1512 (2.6K 16:9) up to 120 fps
    1920 x 1080 (HD) up to 120 fps

    Frame Rates
    Maximum sensor frame rate dependent on resolution and codec selected. Project frame rates of 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 50, 59.94 and 60 fps supported.
    Off-speed frame rates up to 60 fps in 4K DCI, 120 fps in 2.6K 16:9 and HD windowed.

    Auto focus available using compatible lenses.

    Iris Control
    Iris wheel and touchscreen slider for manual iris adjustment on electronically controllable lenses, iris button for instant auto iris settings on compatible lenses.

    Screen Dimensions
    5" 1920 x 1080.

    Screen Type
    LCD capacitive touchscreen.

    Metadata Support
    Automatically populated lens data from electronic Micro Four Thirds lenses. Automatic recording of camera settings and slate data such as project, scene number, take and special notes.

    Touchscreen menus on 5 inch screen. 1 x Power Switch, 1 x Record Button, 1 x Stills Button, 1 x Scroll Wheel with push integrated into handgrip, 1 x ISO Button, 1 x White Balance, 1 x Shutter Button, 3 x software configurable Fn buttons, 1 x IRIS Button, 1 x Focus Button, 1 x High Frame Rate (HFR) Button, 1 x Zoom Button, 1 x Menu Button and 1 x Playback Button.


    Total Video Inputs

    Total Video Outputs
    1 x HDMI up to 1080p60

    Analog Audio Inputs
    1 x mini XLR analog switchable between mic with phantom power support and line level (up to +14dBu).
    1 x 3.5mm Stereo Input. Can also be used for Timecode input.

    Analog Audio Outputs
    1 x 3.5mm headphone jack.

    Computer Interface
    USB Type-C for external drive recording, PTP camera control and software updates

    What's Included
    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K
    Lens turret dust cap
    30W power supply with locking connector and international adapters
    LP'E6 battery
    Welcome wallet with QR code for software download
    Welcome card
    DaVinci Resolve Studio with activation key
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