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d:vice MMA-A Digital Audio Kit with d:screet 4060 LavalierMicrophone, Black & d:dicate 4018 Capsule

Containing one d:screet SC4060, used by the journalist, and one d:dicate 4018, which takes care of the clean feed that often follows a broadcast. (The journalist's audio is in channel 1 and the ambience sound follows in channel 2.) This allows content to be used with the ambience sound but without the commentating.

The d:screet SC4060 is very natural sounding, offering great detail and resolution. It has a very low noise floor, impressive sensitivity and can handle high SPL. When the d:screet SC4060 will be used on a podium, table or elsewhere - it can be used to pick up speech from two or more people or pick up ambience sound. The d:screet SC4060 is omnidirectional so it picks up sound perfectly, no matter which direction the microphone is placed in. The holder is designed to minimize clothing noise. . It is prepared for upwards, downwards, left- or right-side mounting on lapels, shirts and neckties.

The d:dicate 4018 Supercardioid Microphone is designed for a broad range of broadcast /ENG miking applications. It can be used for booming, dialogue, interview and table or spot-recording use. The mic also offers superb expandability through modular accessories. It is ideal for use as spot or hanging mic for orchestra recording situations. In this kit it is combined with the MMP-GS Modular Active Cable and the GSM4000 Gooseneck Shock Mount for d:dicate.


The lavalier combo kit includes:

1 x SC4060-BM d:screet 4060 Miniature Omnidirectional Microphone, Hi-Sens in black
1 x SCM0013-B 4-Way Clip for d:screet
3 x DUA0560 Foam Windscreen for d:screet in black
1 x MMC4018 Supercardioid Microphone Capsule
1 x MMP-GS Modular Active with Side Caple
1 x GSM4000 Gooseneck Shock Mount for d:dicate
1 x CM4099 Clamp Mount for Instrument Microphones
1 x DUA0041 Foam Windscreen for d:dicate Mics with Active Cable
1 x MMA-A Digital Audio Interface
1 x Micro USB-B to iOS (Lightning)
1 x Micro USB-B to PC / Mac (USB-A) cable
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