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High Performance for sound and Audio needs or other high powered devices


  • Internal Li-Polymer cell is more stable & secure
  • iPowerUS Li-Polymer battery fast charge will not heat up
  • Strong signal, no noise & no interference
  • Amplified capacitor to cope with peak current
  • Multi-Protect functions with over charge, over current, over discharge & short circuit
  • Light weight, no memory effect
  • Longer service life
  • Pack of 4 units
  • 4-Bay Battery Caddy included
  • Specifications

    For optimum performance:
    * Please charge this batteries with the specified iPowerUS 9V Fast Smart Charger ONLY!!
    * Please select the "Li-ion" (Li-Polymer) mode when charging the iPowerUS 9V700 Lithium Polymer Batteries.
    * Using other chargers will damage or shorten the battery's life.
    * Always charge the battery fully before storage.
    * To extend the shelf life of the battery, recharge the battery every 3 months fully before storage.
    GTIN (UPC/EAN) : 040232442728
    Manufacturer Part Number : IP9V-700 (4PCS)


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