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A/D-D/A converter with 16-in/8-out, 24-bit/192kHz, 2 LM-PRE4 module and 1 LT-TB3 card

Other Aurora(n) PRE models are available through the Lynx Custom Shop Lynx converters have won acclaim for pristine transparency and imaging while providing industry professionals with the means to capture performances with all their subtleties and nuances. Acknowledging the high bar set by this level of performance, the LM-PRE4 was designed with strict requirements for noise suppression and ruler-flat frequency response while operating over a wide range of gain settings. In support of this, critical attention was focused on component selection, circuit board layout, and power delivery. The resulting combination of preamp and conversion technology in the LM-PRE4 offers sonic detail typically lost in the all-inone interfaces. The performance of the microphone preamplifier alone meets or exceeds popular stand-alone devices on the market.
  • Aurora(n) with 16 channels of line inputs, 8 of which are of microphone/line/HI-Z inputs
  • Preconfigured with two LM-PRE4 modules
  • Audio quality is the same across all the inputs - analog section A/D, etc
  • 8 channels of analog outputs.
  • Available with either USB or Thunderbolt connectivity
  • Additional configurations available via Lynx Custom Shop
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